Human: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates LitRPG Series Book 2) eBook Paul Bellow Kindle Store

Check out my friend, Paul Bellow’s two LitRPG books: Goblin and Human.  Currently, he’s working on a third installment.

Human (book 2) 408 pages.  4.8 Stars (I give it a 5+) Kindle

Tougher Mobs. Deeper Dungeons. Better Loot.

Black Dragons and Dwarves, Oh My!

Eric, Sarah, and the rest of the party are determined to do better on level one-two. Every action they make will affect level one-one for new players, so they strive to bring about positive changes.

Defeating a black dragon is their main quest, but the game quickly takes a dark turn. They learn of a monstrous plan by Magi Inyontoo and his Magictology crew to rid the game of all dwarves.

The risks that come with helping are great, but so are the rewards. As they journey and meet other player characters, they also hear more hints about escaping the game. Giving up is not an option.

Can this ever-changing group of adventurers make it to level one-three intact? Or will they finally find a way out of the game? Find out in this exciting second installment of the Tower of Gates LitRPG Series.

This is a full-length LitRPG novel with no cliffhanger. It is part of an ongoing series of connected LitRPG books. 

Source: Human: A LitRPG Novel (Tower of Gates LitRPG Series Book 2) eBook: Paul Bellow: Kindle Store

Hero of Naught eBook: Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue

Link at bottom.  227 pages.  4.5 Stars.  Kindle Unlimited

The future is here. A century after the human-A.I. wars, the two races have settles together in a country of peace. From their mutual cooperation, science has exploded once again into a revolution of new ideas. At the forefront is the newest and most advanced game to ever exist, Everlife.
Plat was a senior in the academy when he first began his adventures into the game world. After years of suffering from his betters, he now had a chance to shine in a world where everyone was equal. Unless, his troubles follows him into the world. And Everlife isn’t just what it was advertised to be. Will Plat survive in both the real world and the game world as he struggles against his oppressors? Or will he fall into corruption and take back what is owed him?

Source: Hero of Naught eBook: Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue: Books

LitRPG coming to Dragon-Con in Atlanta GA | 01 Sept – 04 Sept 

Jeffery Falcon Logue, Travis Bagwell, Blaise, Ramon, Micheal Chatifield …just to name a few. 

Alright boys and girls, it’s time for one major announcement! For the first time, litrpg is coming to Dragon-Con in Atlanta Georgia! What is this you may wondering? Why, it is an official gathering of some of your favorite litrpg authors, like me! (I hope :p) From Sept 1-Sept 4, a litrpg booth will be up and run by authors. We’ll be selling some goodies that’ll range from pictures to book and sales. I have positive confirmations from the likes of Blaise, Travis Bagweel, Dakota, Ramon, Micheal Chatfield, and

Source: (1) LitRPG Society

Indie Authors – Common Denominators & Why So Many Fail | The Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews

Nicola Matthews on why many indie authors fail.

No one is willing to put aside their competitive nature to see the larger picture of what they could accomplish if they just worked together.

Source: Indie Authors – Common Denominators & Why So Many Fail | The Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews

Stranger Things Season 3 Confirmed | Screen Rant

Start getting excited because season 3 of the popular Netflix show is no longer a rumor, it’s been confirmed. With two months until the premiere of Stranger Things season 2, there’s plenty of time for the internet to speculate on but fans can do it knowing that the adventures of the Hawkins A.V. club will continue, as today we got confirmation of just that from the Duffer brothers.

Source: Stranger Things Season 3 Confirmed | Screen Rant

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