Famed Author Adriana Gavazzoni on The Naked Talk w/ Alex Okoroji

Famed author and law professor #AdrianaGavazzoni

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Adrina Gavazzoni

Who: Famed author, Adriana Gavazzoni
Winner of the Golden Book Award, 2017Reader’s Choice Winner

Adriana is a law professor as well as being an accomplished author.   She won the Reader’s Choice Golden Book Award in 2017.  She also was an honorable mention at the Paris Book Festival.   Her books: Behind the Door and Lara’s Journal have been well received internationally.

What: Interview on The Naked Talk with Alex Okoroji

When: Monday, 28 AUG 2017

Time Zones:

5 pm (Eastern USA)
4 pm (Central USA)
3 pm (Mountain USA)
2 pm (Western USA)

6 pm (Brazil)
10 pm (London, UK)
7 am (Sydney, AU)
5 pm (Toronto, CA)
11 pm (Paris, FR)

Where: The Naked Talk
You can also call in: 323.642.1693


Authors Chill Out—Relax—It’s Only Money

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Writing Tips

Writers should (and need) to take vacations just like everyone else.  –Recharge the batteries, as they say.  Put your notebook down.  Don’t think about the next outline or the next chapter.  Unwind.

It’s never too late to start over.  It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.  It’s never too late to begin again.  It’s simply never too late.   And, it’s never too late to be happy.

Sadly, in this line of work; it’s easier said than done.  Writers are always thinking about writing.  One of my biggest plot points came to me in line at a grocery store checkout counter last year on holiday.  In a split second, something just clicked.  I knew how Marsha was going to die.  Thank you, National Enquirer.

Nor am I saying you should walk away from your social media for a solid two weeks.  Blasphemy!  If you’ve got the money, you could (at least in theory) hire it out to a personal assistant on Fiverr.  But, that could be more problematic than it’s worth.  If you’re like me, you would be constantly checking in to make sure the PA was doing his job.

Aside from the negatives (and I could list 100 more) you still need to take a vacation.  Trust me; the advantages outweigh the disadvantages significantly.   If for no other reasons, do it for your health and mental stability.

Thirty some years ago, when I was married to #1 (yes, I number my ex-wives: #1, #2, et cetera, to keep them straight in my mind) we would get away for a weekend every other month or so.  Farm the kid out to grandparents, pack an overnight bag, and fuck like rabbits for 36 hours.  The theory was we needed the time for intimacy and romance.   –Things you can’t readily do as often when you start a family.

For writers, especially indie writers, your projects are your kids.  It’s a scientifically proven fact sometimes you need to get away from them, from time to time, in order to recharge.

What’s the best time for an indie author to vacation?

Aside from a weekend tryst (there is never a bad time for a weekend tryst), my experience tells me that probably the best time to take a two-week break is in the month of August. The summer months are typically slow for publishing across the board.  It’s not just an indie thing.  Traditional publishing slows down as well.   In August, there is a characteristic lull before the fall push to market.

In fact, it should not go unnoticed that many authors discount their books during the summer months to accommodate the slowed market season.  And it makes sense.

The whole summer does not need to be wasted if you plan ahead.

I know many authors who recharge their batteries in June and July with workshops and conferences.  Typically, they are held in areas offering high-end creature comforts.  Massages.  Mud baths.  Mineral Springs.  It can be a win-win situation depending on the amount you’re willing to creatively use as a tax break.

But, a writer’s conference or even a book signing is not a vacation.  There comes a point when you need to take a break even from words.  Especially your words.

Why am I bringing this up now?

Because I used to be a workaholic.  For over 40 years, I rarely took a break.  If I wasn’t working I was thinking about work.  Even when I took a holiday, I had my phone glued to my hip.  Rarely did I ever vacation without my laptop.

I paid price.  A significant price.  Don’t be like the old me.  If I could go back and change one thing in my life this would be it.  Many people nonchalantly say money isn’t and everything.  I disagree.  It takes money to live and to provide for yourself and your family.  But taking a few weeks out of the year to reflect, contemplate, build relationships, and unwind not only will bring you more happiness; I believe it will significantly help you earn a better income as a writer.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun working and writing.  Along the journey I’ve met some really great authors: some turned out to be friends; some were just plain assholes.  My professional life was a success, but I never took the time to stop and smell the roses.  Enjoy the moments that memories are made of.

In many ways, I’m speaking to my American colleagues.  Europeans have somewhat of a different take on life holistically.  Many of my European friends can’t wrap their heads around the American work ethic.  They understand it; they just can’t wrap their heads around the concept of all work and no play.  Now that I have reached my October in life, I see their point.

Thankfully, it’s never too late.

It’s never too late to start over.  It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.  It’s never too late to begin again.  It’s simply never too late.   And, it’s never too late to be happy.

You don’t have to necessarily seize the day—but, wouldn’t it be great if you could look back on it later having had enjoyed it.  So, take that vacation next year.

Unexplored – Rise of the Crimson Kingdom: A LitRPG Adventure# by Alara Branwen

Unexplored by Alara Branwen
Unexplored: Rise of the Crimson Kingdom

eBook Title:  Unexplored | Author: Alara Branwen | Genre: #LitRPG | Kindle Unlimited |
Catagories: Science fiction & Fantasy Gamine; TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations; Role Playing & Fantasy

Publication Date: 23 AUG 2017

Author Catalog

Author Bio: Alara Branwen is your typical college student by day, but by night she is a crafter of sexy, hot, sensuous, “monster” fantasy erotic fiction. All of her stories are based on her own desires, or from personal experiences.

When she isn’t writing erotic fiction or listening to her professors drone on about boring subjects, she likes to spend her time watching the sun setting over the ocean, playing with her pets, spending time with her friends, and constantly searching for inspiration in everyday life.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas for the kinds of stories you’d like to see her write, or just have something you want to share about erotica, feel free to email her at sexyalara11@gmail.com, she’ll be happy to hear from you.

You can also follow her blog for the latest news and developments in her writing and personal live at alarabranwen.blogspot.com


Paul had waited months to play Unexplored, the latest fantasy VRMMORPG boasting a realistic feel, exciting combat, and the opportunity to experience sensual pleasure. Even an extremely nervous and socially awkward guy like himself could live an exciting life. Unexplored was everything he could have dreamed. What he didn’t expect, however, was joining a player guild led by a cunning megalomaniac who dealt in secrets and seemed intent on world domination.

As the elf Estelar, Paul helped lead the guild to greatness, meeting new and interesting friends along the way. In return, he was rewarded with all the food, ale, women, and gold he could ever want. Life is awesome, until he meets a down-on-her-luck dwarf named Fonwilsia during a caravan raid which leads him to question himself and his role so far in the game.

Wealth, power, and all their benefits were his to enjoy as a member of the Crimson Warriors. The only question was, how far was he willing to go to keep it?

Warning: This book contains erotic content. Reader discretion is advised.

Source: Unexplored – Rise of the Crimson Kingdom: A LitRPG Adventure (Book 0 Unexplored Cycle) – Kindle edition by Alara Branwen. Humor & Entertainment Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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