The Fifth Survivor: Issue #4: April 2018

Seeing himself in the hallway, George sees that the main hallways on the first floor, for the most part, are blocked off. Seeing the map, he sees potential escape routes. One of them is the roof while the other is a parking lot. As he looks for a way to continue on his way, he finds a stairway next to the elevator that leads up to the other floors.

When he goes into the stairway, he sees a few zombies that try to ambush him from the side. He is unable to get off a shot before he is grabbed by one of the zombies. The zombie that grabs him is able to get in a bite, but George pushes it away fast to avoid taking too much damage. He sees a broomstick next to him and strikes the zombie in the eye causing it to lose its vision.

The zombie is unable to see and falls over the railing. Once it falls to the floor the broomstick goes through its eye and the force pops its brain out. The other zombie tries to grab him.

Press “A” and “B” to sidestep… Well Done!

He sidesteps from the zombie and shoots it from behind killing it.

Pistol Ammo: 24

After killing the zombies, he decides that he wants to head up to the third floor where Malcolm Witwer’s office is located.

“Witwer for your sake you better not be up there! You’ll pay for killing Dave and I’ll expose you for starting this outbreak.” He says angrily in his head.

Going up the stairs carefully, he looks for any zombies and sees the coast is clear. He sees the door to the second floor, but the door is locked. The door is rather heavy and the lock has the look of a Victorian style door. Deciding that he will not find the key, he moves on up towards the third floor.

As he goes up the stairs to the third floor, he hears a strange ribbit sound close to his location.

“Is there a frog in this place?” He asks himself.

Walking slowly and arming himself with the magnum, he continues up the stairs. When he approaches the landing on the third floor, a huge frog approaches him from behind. Hearing the loud ribbit sound, he turns around and is shocked by the sheer size of the frogger. The creature spits at him, the spit doesn’t do anything to him. In fact, he just feels a bit wet.

The frog is code-named “Frogger” and it’s a frog that has been exposed to a large amount of the Raven Hawk virus and has grown 15x its normal size. Its mouth is huge enough to eat a human in whole.

Frogger tries to stick out its long tongue and grab George.

Press “A” and “B” to dodge… Too Slow!

Despite George diving out of the way, the mouth is far too long to get away from. Frogger grabs him with its tongue and tries swallowing him entirely. However, George still has the magnum in his hand and takes a shot in the frog’s mouth. The bullet lands in the frog’s mouth perfectly and the frog screams in pain.

The impact is enough to loosen the frog’s grip and he falls to the floor. The frog is in pain and he shoots another bullet into the creature killing it.

Magnum Rounds: 4

Once the frog is dead, George begins to feel a bit better. Before he can get too comfortable though, he begins to feel a nasty sensation in his stomach and begins to feel dizzy. Over time the effect begins to drain him to the p0int where he is slow to move around.

Condition: Poison (Health will decrease every 2 minutes)

George is barely able to see and wants to use his herbs, but is unable to find a source of water to mix with the herbs as the fountain next to him is not functioning.

Opening the door to the 3rd-floor hall, he rushes to the bathroom. While he heads towards the bathroom, he sees the same girl that he saw before. However, due to his blurred vision, he is unable to see who the girl is. By the voice, he continues to think that it’s perhaps Maria.

Unable to see correctly and fearing his intestines being eaten alive by the poison, he’s relieved when he enters the bathroom. There is a zombie inside the bathroom that attempts to bite him. Out of desperation, he shoots a magnum round to the zombie’s head blasting its head off.

Magnum Rounds: 3

After killing the zombie, he heads to the sink to apply water to the mixed herbs. Once he applies water to the mixture, he decides to use the mixture.

George uses the mixed herbs.

Condition: Caution (Level 1)

After taking the herbal mixture, he begins to vomit into the toilet in an attempt to remove the toxins in his system. Once he vomits his guts out, he begins to regain his vision back and sits down on the toilet until the effects wear off.

“Oh, that feels better! This place is getting freakier by the minute. Now there are giant frogs in the hospital. Something was definitely taking place in this place, but as much as I want to find out I better get outta here first.” He says to himself figuring survival should be his main focus.

Once he feels better, he gets up and explores the bathroom further and finds an item in a medicine cabinet.

Picked up a First Aid Spray.

Exiting the bathroom, he heads into the third floor hallway which has a different color scheme with beige walls along with a tan colored rug. The lights are rather dim, but bright enough that he can see where he’s going. There are a few zombies in the hallways blocking his way towards the stairway leading to the parking lot where his car is located.

He easily kills the zombies blocking the door and notices he’s running low on ammo for his weapons.

Pistol Ammo: 14

Rushing to open the door, he sees the door is locked with a magnet on the top. There is a panel next to the door that needs two keycards to open the door. One keycard is red while the other is blue.

“Damn, these security measures!” He says flustered.

After seeing the door is locked, he hears screaming coming from down the hall and runs towards the noise. When he gets to where he believes the noise is coming from, he spots a janitor’s closet. Entering with his weapon drawn, he finds nobody inside. However, he does find some ammo pickups.

Picked up +6 Magnum Rounds.

Magnum Rounds: 9

Picked up +20 Pistol Bullets

Pistol Ammo: 34

After getting the ammo and he leaves the room, he sees a ceiling vent come down and a frog appears in front of him. The frog attempts to spit poison at him.

Press “A” and “B” to dodge… Good!

Diving to his right, he avoids the poison spit and pulls out his magnum. The frog jumps towards him tackling him, the frog tries to eat him by grabbing him with its tongue. However, a doctor comes in and gets in the way sacrificing his life for George. The frog takes the doctor and eats the entire body in one swallow. George is in shock by what just happened but decides to pull out his magnum and just shoots the frog dead in two shots.

Magnum Rounds: 7

“Holy shit that frog just ate that doctor! As bad as I feel for the doctor, if he wasn’t here to get in the way I would not be in the body being decomposed.” He counts his blessings.

Going around the halls and entering the rooms, he realizes that he’s located in the administrative area where the top people are located. Entering the president’s room, he can see a room filled with many luxurious items and a well-maintained table. However, as heads to where the president is located, he isn’t there.

Instead, the vice president is there being eaten by a couple of hungry zombies in doctor uniforms. A zombie ambushes him from behind and begins to bite his shoulders. He takes a decent amount of damage from the biting.

Condition: Caution (Level 2)

Pushing the zombie away, he turns around and shoots it in the head a few times before it goes down to the floor. After killing off the zombie that bit him, he focuses on the other two eating the vice president.

Pistol Ammo: 30

He sees a long knife that he takes as he sneaks on the two zombies. Using the knife, he stabs one of the zombies in the head. The other zombie gets up and begins to go after him. He tries to throw the knife at the zombie’s head, but the knife misses the zombie badly. The zombie dives at him and lands on his legs trying to bite him on the knees.

George fires his pistol at the zombie’s head and kills it, but not before he takes more damage. Looking at his leg, he sees the zombie bite well defined.

Pistol Ammo: 26

Condition: Danger

Realizing his wounds are pretty bad and he can’t take another hit, he uses his first aid spray.

George uses his First Aid Spray.

Condition: Fine

The sting is bad at first, but after about five minutes the sting goes away and his wounds begin to get slightly better. However, he can’t afford to stop as the zombies are overflowing the hospital. He heads to the body of the vice president and sees that the body has been bitten up too badly to save.

The vice president has bite marks all over his body and his mouth is wide open as he it looks like he was screaming in pain before he passed away. There is no saving the man, George decides to dig into the pockets of the man and finds a key.

Picked up a key.

George CHECKS the key and turns it around. It’s a key to the Fifth Floor main office.

“Hmm… I wonder if that is where the keycards are located.” He asks himself.

Taking the key, he heads out of the office and bumps into a few zombies that he kills easily using his pistol.

Pistol Ammo: 20

“Arggghhh!” A man is screaming in the hallway.

George runs towards the noise and sees a man run into the main office for the third floor. He sees the zombie that is chasing him and kills it before it could go after the person.

Pistol Ammo: 15

After killing the zombie, he enters the room to see if the man is somebody that he knows. Upon further review, it turns out to be Malcolm Witwer.

“Well, well! If it isn’t Witwer the Snake! You bastard, I should have known that you had Dave killed. I ought to blow your brains out for what you did to my friend!” George points his gun at Witwer.

“Calm down… calm down George, will you? I didn’t want to do it or even release this virus…” Witwer is cut off by George.

“But you did it anyway, right? Let me guess, it was all for the Benjamin’s, right?” He asks.

“Looks it’s not like that man…” Witwer says defensively.

“Shut up! I don’t wanna hear your excuses. You’re just panicking because everything you did behind closed doors is being exposed! Tell me… what’s stopping me from murdering you in cold blood?” George asks.

“Your conscience… you wouldn’t shoot me. Once they find my dead body…” Witwer answers.

“If they find your body and you aren’t eaten by the zombies. As far as I’m concerned, I’m in the driver’s seat and for your own sake, you might want to give up the macho act. Listen, I’ll cut you a deal.” He answers.

“What do you… wanna do with me?” Witwer asks in fear.

“Tell me who killed Dave! Spit it out and tell me what business you have with Hybrid! Make it snappy!” George makes his demands.

“Hey man I think you’re asking too much of me, I can help…” George cocks his pistol and Witwer tries to finish his sentence, “Escape.”

“Listen I can escape myself, don’t play games Witwer. I know you put the hit on Dave and I want to know how much Hybrid paid you! Your ass is going to jail, but if you confess just maybe the authorities will go easy on you. What do you say? Is your life worth more than covering for a corporation that doesn’t give a hell about you? Your decision.” George gives Witwer an ultimatum.

“Ah… ok George, just don’t shoot me, please. Anyway, I’ll start with my involvement with Hybrid.” Witwer gives in to George’s demands.

Witwer begins to admit his involvement with Hybrid, as he talks a loud noise from the ceiling can be heard.

“What the hell is that?” George asks.

“Oh no…” Witwer answers.

“What do you mean, oh no?” George asks angrily.

Before Witwer is able to answer, a frogger comes down from the ceiling.

“Oh shit! Frogger, I didn’t think a frog would grow this big!” Witwer begins to freak out over the monster he helped create.

The creature uses its long tongue to grab Witwer and brings him towards its huge mouth ready to eat him alive. George tries to shoot the creature, but he notices that his magnum has run out of rounds and he has to reload.

“Crap I gotta reload! Hold on Witwer!” George says as he has to reload his weapon.

While he reloads his weapon, the frogger grabs Witwer with its long tongue. George manages to find an iron pipe that he’ll try to use to pull Witwer from the frog.

“Witwer, grab onto the pipe and I’ll try to pull you back!” George instructs Witwer.

He heads towards Witwer and attempts to pull him back.

Press “A” repeatedly to pull… Good!

Now press “B” repeatedly to pull… Not good enough!

Despite his best efforts, he’s unable to pull Witwer away from the frog. After a long struggle, the frogger is able to pull Witwer and eats him alive.

“No! Witwer! Damn it, but then again he got what was coming to him.” He says while staring at the frog.

The frog tries to spit at George, but the spit hits the sofa before it hits him. The frog begins to hop and that makes him unable to get a clear shot on the frog. When the frogger lands on the floor it tries to tackle him.

Press “A” and “B” to dodge… Well Done!

He’s able to dive towards the left and the frog hits the sofa instead. The frog uses its tongue to grab and throw George towards the wall. He hits the wall quite hard and takes quite a bit of damage. Dropping his magnum, the frogger tries to grab his gun with its tongue.

Condition: Caution (Level 1)

However, he’s able to grab his gun quickly enough and gets up on his feet. He waits until the frog opens its mouth ready to spit and immediately shoots the frog with his magnum. After a couple of shots, the frog begins to bleed and eventually dies.

Magnum Rounds: 5

He looks for any sign of Witwer, but it looks like the frogger did the dirty work of killing him.

“I can’t say he didn’t have it coming to him. However, it would have been good to get this guy to the police and have him help me get out of here. Well at least to some degree, Dave’s been avenged. Just makes it harder to get dirt on Hybrid.” He says flustered.

He knows that Hybrid is behind the outbreak, but knows that survival is the name of the game for now until he can gather himself. Before he leaves the office though, he does see something shining on the tan rug.

Picked up a Red Keycard.

George CHECKS the Keycard and looks at the back. It indicates that the card is for the panel leading to the door leading to the parking lot.

Taking the keycard, he heads back to the panel. Before he gets to the panel though, he sees an armed security guard trying to shoot at a zombie. However, the guard runs out of bullets on his clip and the zombie eventually bites him.

When George gets to the guard, he kills the zombie that was biting him. After killing the zombie, he head to the guard to check up on him.

Pistol Ammo: 11

“Hey, are you ok?” He asks the injured guard.

“Thanks for… trying to save me, but I think it’s too… late to save me. That zombie… got me good and I’m sure… the virus will begin to spread… in my body faster… than a cure can be found.” The guard says weakly and in pain.

“Don’t give up man, please.” George tries to lift up the sprit of the injured guard.

“It’s no use; those bastards… from Hybrid did it! They managed… to create a bio-weapon… that will destroy the world… as we know it. Argghhh!” The guard screams in pain as the virus begins to spread through his body.

George begins to see the guard’s veins turn purple indicating the Raven Hawk has begun to spread through his body. Once he sees the veins turn color, he backs away with his weapon drawn ready to shoot.

“Please shoot me! I’m about to turn into a zombie, hurry for your own sake. Shoot me!” The guard begs George to end his life.

“No I don’t want to!” He tears up not wanting to shoot the guard.

“Aghhh! The guard screams as his skin turns pale and he begins to take the form of a zombie.

When the guard transforms into a zombie and begins to give chase to George, he has no choice but to kill the guard with his pistol. Once he kills the guard, he begins to tear up.

Pistol Ammo: 6

“Damn, I’m sorry I didn’t want to do it. I promise Hybrid is gonna pay for this!” He says as he checks on the dead guard.

After dealing with the guard he sees an ammo pack on the guard.

Picked up +30 Pistol Bullets. Pistol Ammo: 36

Heading to the panel, he inserts the keycard into the keycard reader for the red keycard.

Red Keycard accepted, another personnel keycard required to gain access to the parking lot.

With the key to the fifth floor, he decides to go back to the stairway and head up to the fifth floor in hopes of finding the blue keycard. When he gets to the stairway, he begins to head up the stairs and spots a plant.

Picked up a Red Herb. It’s useless by itself, but if mixed with the green herb the healing effects will be magnified.

As he goes up the stairs, he begins to head to the 5th floor. When he approaches the fifth floor the ceiling begins to fall apart and debris begins to fall. Seeing the ceiling fall, he begins to run back down the stairs. Despite running as fast as he can, the debris still hits him.

Press “A” and “B” to dive… Great!

He’s able to dive forward and lands on the 4th floor hard. The ceiling crumbles and after it’s all set and done the 5th floor becomes inaccessible.

“Damn, this place is fall apart now? But why?” He asks.

All of a sudden he hears heavy footsteps coming from the 4th floor and says, “Who’s there?”

He gets no answer though and he carefully walks into the 4th floor hallway. The footsteps get louder and he begins to become concerned as he believes those are not footsteps of a human. He finds himself on the first level of the patient rooms.

Entering one of the rooms, he sees a couple of people lying on beds. However, according to the loud steady beeping sound they are already dead due to the lack of care. He also spots a few doctors that were killed and bitten by the zombies. He spots a pickup next to him.

Picked up a Green Herb.

George mixes the Green and Red Herbs to create a Super Herb.

Looking further in the patient room, he finds some ammo.

Picked up +6 Magnum Rounds. Magnum Ammo: 11

After grabbing the ammo, he leaves the room and heads back to the hallway. On the wall there is a map that shows him an alternative stairway to the 5th floor. So he heads towards the door leading to the other stairway, but the door is locked. When he reads the sign next to the door it reads:

This is an emergency stairway and should only be used by staff. A key is needed to open the door.

After reading the sign, he turns back and begins to look for a key. However, with the hospital becoming sparsely populated, it will be tricky to find the key. Walking down the hall the other way, he hears the ceiling crumbling and backs away just in time before he gets hit by the debris.

After the dust settles, he sees something has come down along with the ceiling.

“Holy shit what the hell is that?” He asks.

It’s a huge human figure wearing a red trench coat with huge fists. It’s code named, Mr. Z and it’s supposed to be a superhuman created by Hybrid. However, people close to Hybrid claim that this is a bio-weapon ordered to kill opponents of Hybrid.

Mr. Z walks towards George and grabs him by the head throwing him towards the wall. He hits the wall rather hard and takes damage.

Condition: Caution (Level 2)

When he gets up, Mr. Z walks towards him and attempts to deal a strong punch at him.

Press “A” and “B” to dodge… Well Done!

George is able to get out of the way resulting in Mr. Z punching the wall instead of him. The punch is so powerful that a huge hole is made onto the wall. After punching the wall, Mr. Z chases George again. He begins to shoot the superhuman with his magnum and lands a couple of shots.

Magnum Ammo: 9

After taking a couple of shots, Mr. Z punches George down to the floor. He takes a huge hit on the arm while falling to the ground.

Condition: Danger

After punching George, he falls to the ground. Afterward, Mr. Z tries to perform a double axe handle on him. George is barely able to roll out of the way as Mr. Z punches the floor instead of George. When George gets up, he sees Mr. Z is open for attack and he shoots it in the head a couple of times. After those shots, Mr. Z falls to the floor.

Magnum Ammo: 7

Once Mr. Z falls to the floor, George sees an ammo pack fall out of jacket pocket and he picks it up.

Picked up +6 Magnum Rounds. Magnum Ammo: 13

He isn’t sure if Mr. Z is dead though and he doesn’t risk finding out. So he decides to explore the rest of the 4th floor. Walking down the hall, he sees some zombies pop out from one of the patient rooms.

He easily shoots the two zombies as they come out towards the hall.

Pistol Ammo: 29

He decides to heal himself.

George uses the Super Herb.

Condition: Fine

George kills the zombies and enters the room to see if he can find any key items. When he enters, the rooms give him an eerie reminder of when he was in the hospital fighting is constant heart attacks.

“I remember this place too well. Never thought I would ever have to come back here. Well, just my luck I guess. Wait… what’s this?” He says as he picks up a note.

The Raven Hawk Experiment

“To the staff of Woodhull Hospital, we the Hybrid Corporation are purposing that you help us conduct experiments on a few selected individuals. We want to see what happens to certain individuals when we apply the Raven Hawk Vaccine. We are aiming for more of the “cancer” demographic to see if out new breakthrough can indeed defeat cancer.

However, we want to take this even further and bring in animals such as dogs, spiders, and frogs to see if it works on animals before we try humans. Of course, humans are riskier because we have different systems than animals. The testing shall commence on the animals on the 12th floor of your facility. While this is for the better of the medical field, we don’t want anybody possibly stealing our secrets or exposing our experiment pre-maturely.

As for the human testing, we shall start with the patients on the fourth floor as that is where you have indicated that you have cancer patients. However, we expect the results to start kicking in right away as this is rather strong stuff.

We are offering quite the contract as well. Please let your president know. While we can’t say how much we’re offering, it is quite a bit that will benefit the hospital and will put some extra money in your pockets.

Please consider this offer carefully and be aware that this is a time-sensitive offer.”

“Hmm… at least I know how Hybrid was able to swindle the hospital to run their sick experiments. I gotta say using cancer as a front makes me sick but rather clever at the same time.” He says after reading the memo.

Looking around the room, he is sickened by the views of the machines that were inserting the Raven Hawk Virus into human patients who were suffering from cancer.

“Those Hybrid bastards are cashing in these poor people who have cancer. Damn it, this is gotta stop. Even if it means I get fired from my job as a journalist, this is gotta stop!” He says angrily.

He begins to use his mini camera to take pictures of the room with the machines and the color of the Raven Hawk liquid which is purple.

“This should help in my case to bust these guys and put them in hot water.” He says after gathering his evidence.

“While I would like to get to the 12th floor, I gotta get out of here.”

Once he gathers his evidence, he continues down the hall and enters the pharmacy where he spots a shaft blocking the path down the hall. He tries to kick the shaft, but it doesn’t budge. Looking to his left, he sees the electrical room and enters.

Entering the electrical room, he sees a power supply and tries to activate it.

Power Supply for the shaft.

The power level must be 80 after flipping the five switches. If you flip up, you will increase power by 36. If you flip down, you will decrease power by 14. Too much power will short out the supply, too little will not be enough to release the lock.

George is not necessarily the smartest egg in the bunch and has a bit of a problem in solving the puzzle. He decides to flip the first two switches up which adds up to 72. Then he flips the next switch down and the last one up. It adds up to 94, which is too much.

The circuit breaker trips the power supply and prevents it from being fried. He decides to calm down and does the math in his head.

George flips the first three switches up and gets to 108 and flips the last two switches down. The meter hits 80 on the nose and all of a sudden the power supply turns on. Once it turns on the shaft opens up and access to the rest of the 4th floor is open. He sees a couple of pickups in the room before leaving.

Picked up +6 Magnum Rounds. Magnum Ammo: 19

Before he leaves the pharmacy area, he sees a door leading to the pharmacy that is locked.

A Keycard is required to unlock the door.

Seeing the door is locked, he heads beyond the unlocked shaft and when he leaves the pharmacy area he enters the hallway. When he gets to the hallway, he hears the wall shaking. After a few seconds the wall breaks and Mr. Z pops out from the wall giving chase to George.

“What the hell do you want?! Who are you?!” He asks in shock.

He pulls out his magnum, but Mr. Z slaps it from his hand. Mr. Z tries to perform a double-axe handle on him.

Press “A” and “B” to dodge… Good!

He rolls to his right dodging the attack. The magnum is next to the door leading to the pharmacy. He runs to the run but his momentum causes him to slip back onto the floor. As a result, Mr. Z is able to catch up and grab him.

After grabbing him, Mr. Z throws him towards the door. George gets up quickly, but before he’s able to grab his gun the creature lands a punch on him dealing some damage.

Condition: Caution (Level 1)

He is unable to reach for his gun and his pistol is too weak to attack the creature with.

“I gotta find a way to get to my magnum or I’ll have no chance to beat this monster.” He says as he tries to get his magnum back.

Mr. Z attacks George again with another punch and deals even more damage to him.

Condition: Caution (Level 2)

When he gets up, he sees an opening between Mr. Z’s legs. However, he is in pain after the two punches he’s received in the battle. Despite that, he fights through the pain and crawls under the creature as quickly as he can.

Despite the painful crawl, he’s able to get his magnum and begins to shoot at Mr. Z a few times.

Magnum Ammo: 16

Despite the shots, Mr. Z doesn’t go down and the creature grabs him again. Mr. Z begins to choke George and he begins to run out of breath quickly. Due to the amount of pressure applied, he drops his magnum once again. George gets a second wind and tries to kick his way out, but Mr. Z is far too strong for George’s kicks. He’s able to somehow pull out his pistol and take aim at Mr. Z’s head. He is desperate to pull the trigger and after a bit of a struggle he’s able to pull the trigger.

The shots land right on Mr. Z’s eyes, which blinds it. He’s able to escape the clutches of the creature and catches his breath. As George catches his breath, Mr. Z holds it’s eyes and kneels down in pain. Seeing Mr. Z down, he uses the opportunity to grab his magnum by the pharmacy door.

Once he grabs his magnum, he shoots a few shots until the creature goes down on the floor hard.

Magnum Ammo: 13

After taking down Mr. Z, he sees a keycard fall from its pockets. He picks up the keycard…

Picked up a Keycard.

George CHECKS the Keycard and turns it around. The Keycard reads “Pharmacy”.

Once he sees that he has picked up the keycard, he uses it to open the pharmacy. After opening the pharmacy, he enters and sees the store for the most part has been ransacked.

There are a few zombies in the store. He kills two of them easily with his pistol. Before he can get comfortable though, a zombie from his right side tries to grab him. The zombie does grab him, but he uses his pistol to whip the zombie in the head to prevent it from biting.

After pushing it away, he blows its head off with his magnum.

Pistol Ammo: 22

Magnum Ammo: 12

Once he clears the area, he sees a green box on the counter.

Picked up a First Aid Box.

George opens the box and finds a First Aid Spray.

George uses the First Aid Spray

Condition: Fine

After healing himself, he hears a loud scream coming from the 5th floor. It sounds like a young girl is in trouble.

“Could that be Maria? If so, I better get up there. She might be in big trouble!” He says after hearing the screaming.

Is the girl upstairs screaming actually Maria? Has George actually killed Mr. Z or will the relentless Mr. Z continue to stalk him throughout the hospital.

Lookout for more action as George continues to explore the hospital and find any survivors! All will be revealed in Issue #5!

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