The Fifth Survivor | Issue #3 | March, 2018

He begins to take off his mask and within five to ten minutes he is back home. When he gets home, he takes off his stealth suit and relaxes. After an hour passes by, he calls his brother to see how he’s doing. When his brother picks up, he decides whether he should tell him what he found at the construction site.

What should George tell Harry?

  1. Tell him the truth.
  2. Just say hi.

You have chosen option 1.

George decides that he can trust his brother and decides to talk to him about what he found.

“Hey Harry, how are you?” George greets his brother.

“Doing well brother, what are you up to now?” Harry answers impatiently as he knows George is up to no good.

“Why the attitude?” George asks.

“Come on George, why else you would call me for? It’s not like you call me to just say hi anymore.” Harry responds.

“Hehe, well you got me there. Anyway, I managed to sneak into the construction zone in Highland Park. I just wanted to see what the hype as was all about.” George says.

“You sure about that big bro?” Harry asks.

“Well, I came to find out that this site is being run by no other than Hybrid itself. Also, the Raven Hawk Vaccine is being tested on animals, but not mice. They’re experimenting with spiders, lizards, and sharks. I’m starting to believe that they are building something more sinister.” George answers.

“You really think so?” Harry asks.

“I know so! Why else did they get so nervous when I was trying to break into the basement?”

“Probably because… you were caught trespassing… duh!”

“Seesh Harry, so much for an intelligent answer.”

“George it’s obvious that you didn’t belong there. So what they could be tying every animal to see if the damn thing really works.”

“I found a document that has them in cultivation rooms and that tells me they’re trying to do a little more than just finding a cure.”

“What do you plan to do next?” Harry asks.

“I know that Anthony has an appointment with the director of Woodhull Hospital on July 7th and I’ll make sure I’m there to hear what they plan to do.”

“How do you plan to get in through security?”

“Harry you must be forgetting who I am. I have my ways after all.”

“You think you’ll find anything out?” Harry asks.

“Probably not, but it wouldn’t hurt to try.” George answers.

“Anyway, I gotta go run some errands. Talk to you later.”

“Alright little bro, be well,” George replies and then hangs up.

June 18th, 2007

The next day he prepares for work and he should be excited that school is almost done for the year, but he is bothered by his findings at the construction site.

After he performs his duties in the morning shift, he heads to the break room and has his lunch. When he sits to have his lunch, he sees something on television. Upon watching the news, he sees that the Clark Family mansion in Upstate New York exploded last month.

A strange thought enters his mind. The news claims that the explosion took place on May 15th and yet there was no news coverage when it took place or even days after. He begins to wonder why. Then he sees a Lieutenant whose name is Barry who’s visiting the school for safety day at the school. He begins to question Barry.

Barry is a Lieutenant in the 75th precinct who has a great relationship with Chief Irons. He sports dark sunglasses and he sports a rather arrogant attitude most of the time.

“Hey… Barry, you heard the news?”

“Yeah I did, feel sorry for the Special Forces who were sent there.”

“Special Forces?”

“Yeah, you see there was a case of strange murders around the area where the Clark Family Mansion is located. They were sent there to investigate what or who was responsible for the murders. Sounds like they didn’t make it though, they’ve gone missing for over a month now.” Barry says in a careless tone like he doesn’t care.

“I just don’t understand why there was no news coverage about that, it sounds like it should have been in the news.” George wonders.

“Well the mansion was in a remote area and investigators didn’t find out until they went to the area and interviewed people around the area.”

“Oh, just sounds funky that nobody realized these people were missing.”

“For all I know they might as good as dead. As bad as I feel, it’s not my division and I gotta do my job to the best of my ability. Well, gotta go to the 8th-grade room, catch you later.” Barry replies.

At first, George is a bit suspicious about Barry but realizes that Barry is only a Lieutenant and has nothing to do with the Special Forces of the NYPD. The one thing that bothers him is Barry’s arrogant attitude and his lack of care. It could be that Barry wasn’t there so he can’t make a judgment, but he feels that Barry might be happy in secret that the Special Forces are missing for whatever reason.

The fact that the Clark Family Mansion upstate is gone kind of makes George think a bit harder. As he continues to hear reports, he finds out that there was a secret laboratory somewhere in the mansion. However, the damage is too great to tell what might have been inside and what was being worked on. With lack of any solid evidence, investigators can’t really tell what was happening in the mansion.

George has no idea what to make of the situation. He doesn’t know if he should be happy that the Clark Family Mansion is gone or be concerned. What should have been an easy puzzle to solve has just become a bit trickier. Now he knows that breaking into the meeting in Woodhull will prove to be paramount in his hopes to crack this case.

After his lunch break, he tries to forget about Hybrid and just perform his job until the school year ends in another week.

After school is dismissed, he heads to Dave’s house in hopes that he has gotten some results after testing the sample of the Raven Hawk Vaccine. He gets into his White Mustang and drives towards his friend’s house.

After an hour drive in rush hour traffic, he finally gets to Dave’s house and sees a bunch of police cruisers in the area. He doesn’t think much as he parks around the corner, perhaps it’s just Dave’s neighbor who got sick. So he gets out of the car and smells the fresh air trying to enjoy the beautiful weather.

As he’s walking down the block and approaching Dave’s house, he’s stopped by an officer. The officer informs him that he cannot proceed. George asks him why and that he is heading to his friend’s house. The officer informs him that Dave was found murdered in his house with a bullet casing in the house. According to the body, he was shot in the head.

George tries to ask who could have done it, but he is told that they found nobody and they’re not even ready to investigate yet.

“Hey can I go in, I left something inside,” George asks the officer.

“No I can’t let you in there, this is an active investigation zone and everything inside will be taken in for investigation. That is unless you can tell me what you needed to get.” The officer replies.

George decides whether he should tell the officer about the Raven Hawk Vaccine.

What should George do?

  1. Tell the officer about Raven Hawk. (Neutral)
  2. Keep quiet (Passive)
  3. Break through police (Aggressive)

You have chosen option #1.

As anxious as he wants the sample, it’s no use without Dave’s analysis. Plus, he can’t afford to tell the police about the vaccine as he could get into legal trouble.

“Actually it was my tennis shoes, but it’s fine I don’t need it. I’ll be going now…” He replies walking away from the scene.

“Hey listen do you want us to call you if we find out anything?” The officer asks.

“Fine, here is my phone number.” He gives the officer his phone number in case they find the killer or anything.

Once he’s done, he walks back to his car. Getting into his Mustang, he feels bad for Dave. However, that sadness turns to concern now that he knows he can’t get the sample now and test it. He begins to wonder who would kill Dave. Running down the possibilities ranging from a vendetta against another scientist to possibly Hybrid finding out he had gotten a sample of the Raven Hawk virus, he is unsure what to think.

Driving back home, he begins to rule out the former and begins to see the Hybrid connection as a more likely scenario. As bad as he feels for his friend, he worries more about the possibility that Hybrid is catching on to his probing. George is concerned with one question, why was Dave killed? Also if Dave was killed by Hybrid, how did they find out that Dave had the vaccine?

When he gets home, he begins to narrow down Dave’s friends and people he knew. While he had a lot of people, lots of them were still unfamiliar with Hybrid. So he was able to cross out plenty of names, leaving only a few on the table. He was left with two Barry and a man named Randy. Randy was an ex-partner of Harry during their days as scientists.

As much bad will Randy wished upon Harry, Randy moved to England and simply cut ties with Harry. That leaves only Barry and he is part of the NYPD. Barry doesn’t seem to know too much about Hybrid and didn’t seem to be too concerned about what happened in the mansion. Barry’s attitude tells George that Barry doesn’t seem to have too much to gain with Hybrid or keeping secrets for them.

With the lack of any true suspects, George is left to wonder what the cops will find. He isn’t too hopeful that they will find anything and that this will be a case that goes cold quickly. It doesn’t help that he can’t say anything about the Raven Hawk Vaccine as it might get him into more trouble rather than helping him. He decides to try to put Dave away and simply wait for July 7th to come.

The last person he might suspect is Chief Irons as he did not say anything about the Special Forces being missing for over a month. Why would he not say anything? However, it could be that he was unable to communicate with the Special Forces and had a separate group look for them.

The reality is that George can’t simply go around pointing fingers at people without evidence. That is one thing that he is seriously lacking. Laying in bed, he tries to avoid breaking his head about everything and falls asleep.

July 7th, 2007

George gets up and prepares to eavesdrop on the meeting between Anthony and the director of the hospital. He takes a bug that was built by his brother and he’ll use it to capture audio.

The night before, he and Harry planned how he would break into the meeting. After going over the plan with his brother, he packs his items into his briefcase including his dart gun just in case. Heading to his Mustang, he drives off and heads to Woodhull Hospital.

Once he gets to the hospital, he decides to park in the garage to stay as hidden as possible. Once he’s there, he gets out and begins to enter the hospital. Entering through the back, he goes through the hallway until he gets to the main lobby. He sees somebody asking the security guard a question.

“Excuse me where is the meeting taking place?” The man asks the guard.

“The meeting is in the basement by where the admitting room is located.” The guard answers.

It seems to have the feeling of a normal busy day. When George approaches the guard, he simply shows him his ID and the guard lets him through. After getting through security, he sees some elevators. He calls one down and heads inside when the doors open. When he enters he looks for the button to go down. Pressing the B1 button, he heads down one flight to the basement.

He sees the admitting room and walks by. Seeing the meeting room, he waits for his chance to enter when no one is there. However, he won’t have to sneak into the room after all. He overhears a couple of guys saying the meeting is canceled because Anthony had an emergency to attend to. George trying to act normal decides to ask what is going on.

“Hey guys, did you say the meeting was canceled?” He asks.

“Yeah, Anthony had an emergency to attend to. He sounded serious as well, couldn’t tell you what it could be. I guess we’re going home then.” The man in the gray suit answers while his friend simply nods in agreement.

George snaps his fingers and begins to make his way home. That is until he hears an alarm and an announcement is made.

Attention: Code Red emergency in effect! There are reports of man-eating people in the hospital. There is a large horde by the front entrance. All security units report! Everybody run to your nearest emergency exit now, this is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill!

All of a sudden what was a spying mission has turned into one that he simply needs to survive. He hears somebody in the admitting room screaming.

“Oh my God! Don’t eat me… argghh!” The person screams as it’s being eaten by another human.

George and the other two men see the person being eaten and decide to make a run towards the elevator. When they get to the elevator though, there are a couple of man-eating people in the elevator that pop out right away. While George and the man in the gray suit get away, his friend is the next victim who gets eaten.

The two of them run from the area as fast as they can. They keep on running until they spot an armory.

“Alright, guns. We’ll gonna need them if we expect to survive.” He says but gets no response from the man in the gray suit.

He turns around and sees that the man is being eaten by another man-eater. Grabbing a gun, he prepares to defend himself.

Picked up a Pistol. It’s your basic pistol, not much but better than nothing! Pistol Ammo: 15

He looks at the human and tries to reason with it.

“Hey, we don’t have to end this in bloodshed! We could just end this nice and civilized.”

The man doesn’t respond. In fact, it looks like it lost its ability to talk at all. Without talking it makes a monstrous sound and begins to move toward George as it’s ready to tear him apart.

“Don’t get any closer, I’m warning you now!” He screams in an attempt to scare the man away.

However, the man keeps walking up to him until he gets too close forcing George to shoot him. George shoots a couple of shots into the man’s head killing it.

Pistol Ammo: 13

“Damn I didn’t want to do it, but I had no choice.” He says soberly.

Heading to the body, he studies it and upon further review, he sees something strange. The skin of the human is rather pale and crusty to the touch. Also, it has purple and blue veins which are abnormally dark colors of veins. He also noticed that the man did not even say a word. All he did was groan like he was a zombie.

Then it hits him, the person he killed wasn’t a person. It turns out that this person is a zombie. He wants to know how did he turn into a zombie, but is unable to gather any theories now.

He continues looking in the armory and finds something else.

Picked up +15 Pistol Bullets. Pistol Ammo: 28

Picked up a Green Herbal Mix. Use to heal partial health.

Continuing down the hall, he heads back to the elevator to see if he can head back up to the main floor. He sees a couple of zombies and shoots them both from a safe distance killing them.

Pistol Ammo: 21

When he gets to the elevator, he tries to hit the button to get back upstairs. However, the elevator is out of order. It looks like the elevator power was cut off during the emergency sequence.

“Damn, it looks like I’ll need to find another way.” He says as he bangs the elevator.

Turning back, he spots a door leading to a stairway. However, the door is locked as he kicks it down with no success.

The door requires a special key to unlock.

When he turns around a zombie is behind him. He has no time to react as the zombie grabs him and begins to bite him. George pushes the zombie back and begins to shoot the zombie. In about 4 shots he kills the zombie.

Pistol Ammo: 17

Despite taking a bite from the zombie, he doesn’t take too much damage. He notices a lot of the zombies are wearing doctor uniforms. He heads to the meeting room where the meeting was supposed to take place. He sees a pickup on the table.

Picked up +15 Pistol Bullets. Pistol Ammo: 32

He also sees a document on the table as well.

Raven Hawk Gas Test. July 7th, 2007

“Today is the day where we test the gas edition of the Raven Hawk Substance. We want to see what happens when people are exposed to this substance airborne. Will it have the same effects as if the person was injected with the liquid form? Some people believe it will, others say otherwise.

The test will commence at around two in the afternoon. We are doing it just before the meeting at three so it won’t interfere with the meeting. This is actually one of the topics in today’s meeting, so it will work out perfectly.

If this works out the way I think it will then I will hire you to produce the gas edition of Raven Hawk. It will prove far cheaper to produce than liquid and will cover more area. We shall rule the bio-weapon market soon enough!

Remember to say this to nobody! Thanks for letting us know about the vial of Raven Hawk that ended up in that scientist’s hands. No worries, Mr. B took care of him. So you won’t have to worry about that cunt messing up our plan.

Once we tie up all the loose ends, everything will come out just fine…” Signed – Anthony Clark

“That bastard, Witwer!” George says angrily.

He’s referring to Malcolm Witwer who is the director of Woodhull Hospital. George now believes that Witwer betrayed Dave as they used to be good friends back in the day. Dave trusted Witwer with checking the Raven Hawk Substance. George begins to feel responsible because he never warned Dave that Witwer was working with Hybrid.

“It makes sense, Witwer was working with Hybrid. When he found out that Dave had the substance, he had Dave killed to protect his ass. That cunt!” He says angrily.

While he knows now that Hybrid was responsible for Dave’s death, its little consolation to him. At least his suspicions are proven true that Raven Hawk is nothing but a virus to create bio-weapons. The only question was, why would they want to create such creatures of destruction?

As he leaves the room, he sees more zombies ahead of him. He kills one and outruns the other two to conserve ammo. Progressing through the hall, he sees the door to the power room that is actually unlocked.

Pistol Ammo: 28

“Perhaps I can power up the elevator and get out of here.” He says in his head.

When he enters the room though, he sees that it’s pitch black and he is unable to see anything.

A flashlight is required to enter.

Turning back, he bumps into a zombie that grabs him and begins to bite him. After taking a decent amount of damage he is able to push the zombie away from him. He shoots the zombie in the head and kills it in two shots.

Pistol Ammo: 26

Condition: Caution (Level 1)

After killing the zombie, he heads back towards the admitting room after seeing more zombies come out around the corner.

“Where are these zombies coming from?” He asks.

As he’s running, he begins to think that everybody that was exposed to the Raven Hawk gas has probably turned into zombies. He realizes that he might have to fight the whole hospital unless he finds any survivors.

George enters the admitting room and finds several people on the floor. Two of them are all bitten up bleeding pools of blood while the other three are lying on the floor with the same decayed skin as the zombies he’s killed. When he moves close to the bodies, one of them comes alive as he gets next to it. The zombie tries to grab his leg and begins to bite his leg.

George tries to pull his right leg out, but the zombie has a tight grip on his leg. So he uses his left leg to step into the zombie’s head. When he steps on the head, his foot goes through the head of the zombie. The brain pops out of the zombie and eventually, the zombie dies.

As he continues towards the back of the room, he spots something.

Picked up a Flashlight. Used to light up the electrical room.

After grabbing the flashlight, he begins to head back to the electrical room. There are more zombies coming from the hallway where the meeting room is located. However, he doesn’t have much ammo to spare. So he runs away from the zombies as he runs to the electrical room.

When he gets to the electrical room, he turns on his flashlight and looks for the main breaker for the elevator. Once he sees the breaker, he notices a dead zombie holding on the breaker. However, he notices that the main wire feeding the elevator is not on the breaker.

“Looks like the elevator is off the table now.” He says as he has to find the key to the stairway door.

He also sees a pick up on the floor by the zombie.

Picked up a Pistol Clip. Pistol Ammo: 41

When he gets the ammo, he exits the room and zombies continue to move around in the hallway.

“There’s gotta be a security room around here,” George says when he looks for a security room for the key.

While he doesn’t remember the hospital too well, he heads to the back figuring there is gotta be a security room around. As he heads to the back, he sees another zombie in an officer’s uniform. At first, he’s not found in shooting it, but he is left with no choice. Once he shoots a few shots the zombie falls and dies.

He sees an officer that he knows on the floor and tries to talk to him.

“Marlon! Are you ok? Let me know if you’re ok.” He asks the officer.

Marlon doesn’t respond but gets up rather fast to the surprise of George.

“Looks like you’re ok after all,” George says happily.

However, Marlon’s face turns into a light purplish color. After the transformation, Marlon begins to go after George. Marlon grabs George and begins to bite him. George pushes him back and shoots at Marlon.

Condition: Caution (Level 2)

Pistol Ammo: 29

After killing Marlon, he feels a bit of emotional pain as he tears up. Him and Marlon were rather good friends back in the day during their High School days.

Looking at his body, he can’t help but to feel terrible. After feeling sorry for himself, he heads into the security room. Upon entering the room he sees a few zombies in blue officer uniforms. He begins to shoot the zombies and the saving grace proves to the huge table that the zombies are unable to go around.

Despite having more endurance and more dangerous, they sacrifice their intelligence. He’s able to shoot all three zombies with his pistol.

Pistol Ammo: 17

After killing the zombies he sees a couple of ammo pickups.

Picked up 2 Pistol Clips. Pistol Ammo: 47

He sees a shiny item on the back wall, it’s a key…

Picked up a Hospital Key.

George CHECKS the Key. Turning the key around, he sees that it’s labeled “Stairway”.

After grabbing the key, he decides to heal himself.

George uses the Green Herb.

Condition: Caution (Level 1)

Once he uses the herb, George makes his way to the locked stairway door. Before he gets there though, there are a couple of zombies blocking his way. Pulling out his pistol, he begins to shoot at both zombies. While he’s able to kill one of them, the other begins one begins to go after him.

Press “A” and “B” to sidestep… Well Done!

He’s able to dodge in time and he gets behind the zombie. He sees a fire extinguisher on the floor and grabs it. Using the extinguisher, he slams the head of the zombie until it pops out and bleeds. For George, he actually feels a bit of satisfaction killing the zombie.

Pistol Ammo: 41

Quickly he realizes though that he needs to control himself and remember he can’t get too cocky. He approaches the door and uses the key to unlock the door. He approaches the stairway and sees a couple of zombies on the stairs. The one on the stairs dives towards his legs and tries to grabs his legs. George is able to shoot the zombie quickly before the zombie could bit his legs.

Once he kills that zombie the other is up the stairs, before he goes up though he sees a couple of herbs on the floor.

Picked up a Green and Blue herb. A Blue Herb can be used to heal a person in the poison condition.

When he picks up the herbs, he heads upstairs and shoots at the zombie that is blocking the door to the first floor. After a few shots, he kills the zombie.

Pistol Ammo: 36

He heads through the door and finds himself by the elevators that he had taken. Upon reaching the first floor, he sees nobody in the lobby.

“Hey anyone there! I’m not a zombie, come out so I can get you out of here.” He yells looking for survivors.

“Aghhhh!” An African American man in a plaid shirt yells as he’s running from the zombies in the hall.

“Hey wait!” He yells but the man keeps running.

He sees the two zombies that are chasing him and shoots them rather fast.

Pistol Ammo: 28

He looks behind him and runs after the man trying to make sure he’s ok. As he runs down the hall he tries to look for the man and he hear another scream coming from the dentist office. When he gets inside though, he’s too late.

“No! No! Get away from me you zombie freak… Arghhh!” The man says before he gets torn up by the zombies.

George looks in disgust as he sees the zombies feeding off the man. Before he takes aim at the zombie though, a man behind him shoots both of the undead with a magnum.

“Hey who are you?” The officer asks.

“I was supposed to go to a meeting and this started. I simply found this gun to defend myself. Trust me I wasn’t looking for trouble.” George answers.

“It’s fine. I’m just glad that you can defend yourself, now look the exit is only down the hall. I would look for other survivors, but… I doubt that there are any.” The officer replies.

“You really think so? I would think there has to be a few survivors.” George says.

“Wishful thinking, I knew that Raven Hawk vaccine was nothing but bad news! Of course no one listens to me though, so now we gotta protect out asses. You wanna get out, come with me.”

George begins to think whether he should stay in case there are anymore survivors in the area.

What should George do?

  1. Escape with the officer.
  2. Stay and find survivors.

You have chosen option #1.

He decides to go with the officer despite feeling guilty, knowing there could be more survivors. The two head towards the exit with more zombies along the way that the officer kills easily. When they get to the front entrance of the hospital, they prepare to open the side door. However when the officer opens the door, zombies begin to pop into the building and they overwhelm the officer 10 to 1.

Afterwards more zombies enter the lobby. Before he runs for his life, he picks up the officers magnum.

Picked up a Magnum. It’s a Colt Python capable of shooting .357 Magnum Rounds.

Magnum Rounds: 6

After grabbing the magnum, he runs as fast as he can away from the zombies. Eventually he gets to an area where a shaft is close by, he finds a red button.

Do you want to press the button? Yes or No.

You have chosen yes.

George presses the button and the shaft comes down. The horde of zombies comes towards the shaft and is unable to break through to George’s relief. After closing the shaft, he realizes that he will be unable to exit through the front entrance. However, he is unaware of any other escape route. He decides that a map will be needed, but where.

Then he sees what looks like a little girl in a white hospital robe and runs towards her. She runs under a small opening that was created after part of the hospital fell during the chaos. However, something catches his attention…

“Maria? I think that was Maria. Maria! It’s me George!” He tries to call her, but gets no response.

Either she didn’t hear him or she’s too scared to turn back. He finds himself trapped in a hospital along with a girl who could be Maria. It doesn’t look good for George who doesn’t have an escape route anymore since the zombies have taken over the lobby of the first floor.

“If I’m to survive this, I better gather some more ammo and health. It looks like this is gonna be a long night indeed. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it’s a good thing the zombies took over the lobby entrance or I would never have found the girl. I’m hoping it’s Maria, I don’t need her to die in a place or crappy situation like this.” He says in his head.

It’s clear that the Raven Hawk is not a vaccine as Hybrid was trying to pass it off as being. However to George that doesn’t matter, he needs to survive first before he can begin to think about exposing Hybrid and Witwer.

Lookout for more action as George tries to escape the hospital in Issue #4 coming in March!

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