The Fifth Survivor – Issue #2: Feb 2018

May 13, 2007

George sees that he receives a call from the “Hybrid Corporation” and he says Hello.

“Hello Terry Bond, it’s Anthony. I just wanted to thank you for the interview and I’m happy to see that you’re not subjective like other interviewers.” Anthony says cordially.

“Subjective?” George asks.

“Yeah, other reporters think that we’re coming to Cypress Hills for malicious purposes. It could be your small town is full of small-minded people who believe that we’re coming to use them as guinea pigs. I’m glad to see that at least you see both sides of the coin.” Anthony responds.

What should George say?

  1. I agree with you on that, the town’s people can be so gullible. (Passive)
  2. I wouldn’t say that, but I wish to do my job properly as a non-biased journalist. (Neutral)
  3. You’re full of shit! You only say that is because you got something to hide, I’m going to watch you carefully! (Aggressive)

After thinking for a second he goes with option 2.

“I wouldn’t say that, but I wish to do my job properly as a non-biased journalist,” George replies using the neutral response.

“I can see you take your job seriously. I’ll let your agency know if I want to do any more interviews. Does that sound good?” Anthony asks.

“Sure, no problem.” He replies.

“Goodbye Mr. Bond, have a safe trip back,” Anthony says bye and hangs up.

After the phone call, he begins to pack his stuff in preparation for his flight back the next day. In his luggage, he begins to find a place inside to store the “Raven Hawk” vaccine. He hopes that testing the vaccine will give him the answers that he wants. He heads to bed and prepares for his flight for the next day.

May 15, 2007

After getting back to New York and taking the day off to rest, George heads to his scientist friend in Downtown Brooklyn. Taking his White Ford Mustang to the Boreum Hill section of Brooklyn, he enters his friend’s house.

“Hey George, what a great day we’re having. The pure blue skies with no clouds, the wind is at 5 MPH, and the temperature is above average…” He is cut off by George.

“Can it Dave, will you? Besides I got an important assignment for you.” George says cutting the small talk as the two head inside.

The two head towards the basement of the brownstone house and enter Dave’s small laboratory.

Dave is an ex-forensic scientist for a lab that worked with the NYPD during murder crimes. Since retirement though, he has moved on to studying biochemistry while trying to find a cure for some of the most severe sicknesses out there.

“Hey Dave, I want you to test this for me.” He says.

“What is that?” Dave asks.

“The ‘Raven Hawk’ vaccine straight from Hybrid.” George answers.

“How did you get that?” Dave asks in shock.

“Let’s say I have a way of sneaking around…”

“You’re crazy George! You’re a dead man if you get caught.”

“I might be crazy, but I’m not stupid. Besides no one suspects I have this. Listen I have reason to believe that this is not actually a vaccine. I believe that nothing good will come out of Hybrid visiting us.”

“You seem to think so? What proof do you have?” Dave asks.

“For now none, but out of all the areas they could have come to build a hospital why choose Cypress Hills.”

“Wow George, you do have a point there. Cypress Hills is considered the ‘goody too shoe’ area of Brooklyn. It’s hard to get any publicity there other than bombing a house or killing a cop and even that is difficult.”

“Anyway, I want you to see what this contains so I can make a report about Hybrid. I want to see who they really are. For the life of me I can’t trust those people and the residents in Cypress Hills don’t trust them either.”

After the conversation, George hands the “Raven Hawk” vaccine to Dave. Dave puts it into his machine and boots up his machine. After about 10 minutes, a printout is printed for the two to read.

Results of test:

The results of the tests have determined that this is a substance that changes the way the body functions. It’s known as “Raven Hawk” and it was developed by the Hybrid Corporation. Raven Hawk contains many amino acids and proteins within the composition. However, the substance is too complex in nature to be determined using the preliminary testing methods. Further testing is required.

“Hmm… seems the composition is too complex for even my machine to unscramble. Either we’re dealing with the next great work of science or…” Dave says.

“The next devilish substance that will plunge mankind into the abyss.” George finishes Dave’s statement.

“Listen, George, I’m going to have to keep this with me for awhile until I can get some solid results. I’m going to have to run some bio-hazard tests and other tests such as…”

“I get it, Poindexter! That sounds good, how long you think it will take?”

“I’m not sure about that, to be honest. It could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months. I’ll do my best to get results fast.”

“Ok, keep me posted. Alright, I gotta be going.” George says as he walks away and says bye to Dave.

George drives off and returns home as he ends up with more questions than answers. Then he remembers there is a meeting in Woodhull Hospital. However, that isn’t until July and perhaps then he might have answers to what the Raven Hawk virus is.

May 27, 2007

George decides to put the story away for a while and focus on his day job at the local Junior High School. He sees the 2nd-floor hallway light is blown out and grabs a florescent lightbulb from the utility closet.

The school is only two stories high and houses 500 kids due to the small nature of the town. The town is so small and quiet that it’s like paradise in what is otherwise a rowdy borough of Brooklyn.

Holding the lightbulb in his hand, George begins to remove the old lightbulb until he hears a girl call his name loudly.

“George!” The girl calls.

George drops the old lightbulb and turns towards the girl ready to scold her until he realizes who it is.

“Maria! What are you doing here? It’s 2 in the afternoon, an early day?” He asks when he sees it was one of his favorite students.

“Yeah, early day. Parent-teacher conference day.” She replies while laughing.

Maria is a graduate of IS 302 and was one of George’s favorite students. He looks at her as the daughter he never had after raising two rotten sons.

“I hope that means you’re passing.” He asks.

“I am, just came to see how you’re doing.” Maria answers.

“Ah… the same old thing just a different day. Have you met Angel yet, he’s a junior in your school.”

“Nah, I barely bump into anyone outside my age to be honest. I’m sure he must be a cute boy, he’s pretty popular I heard. He just hasn’t found anyone yet based on the fact I see him by himself going home.” She replies.

“That’s where you come in!” George jokily says.

“Yeah right, you think he’ll go out with a freshman like me?”

“Well, my wife is 10 years younger than me.”

“But you old George.” Maria laughs.

“True, I’m on my third wife.” George and Maria laugh.

The conservation is cut off when one of Maria’s friends from her part of town says hi. George goes back to work and replaces the lightbulb. He tests the blub and is relieved when it turns on. Ready to leave for the day, he overhears the girls talking.

Maria and her friend begin to talk about how upset they are because the upper part of the local park is closed to construction. Then it hits him, he just took a jog there only a week ago.

“Hmm… construction. Maybe I should take a closer look there, could just be renovating the reservoir. Then again, Hybrid could be involved with this as well. Maybe I should pay a visit there.” He decides to head to the park after work.

Getting into his jogging outfit, he heads towards the local park called Highland Park. When he enters the park, it’s a normal day with the kids playing in the playground along with beautiful weather. The skies might be blue, but George is seeing black as he is disturbed by the sudden construction taking place.

He casually jogs on the path that goes around Highland Park as he sees the flowers beginning to boom. When he goes up the hill he heads towards the path towards middle Highland. As he enters the dark forest where he spots young couples making out he spots some construction equipment.

He decides to jog up a dirt path up to where he sees the equipment and accidentally bumps into a young Hispanic couple who were making out.

“Hey man, watch it!” The male says.

“Calm down baby, are you ok sir?” The young female asks cordially.

“Yeah, that’s my fault,” George replies.

“Just be a little more careful dude, alright?” The male says in a calmer tone.

“I will. Hey let me ask you something, you have any idea what those bulldozers are up to?” George asks the couple.

“Dude, I got no idea. All I can say is I’m not cool with it. They just came yesterday.” The male answers.

“Yesterday?” George asks.

“Yeah, me and my boyfriend were sitting here when we saw all these big vehicles just going up to upper Highland. I don’t even know what company they’re from.” The female says.

“Hmm… I’m a concerned citizen, so I’ll be sure to bring this up at the next town meeting.” George replies thinking.

“Good luck dude, those people never listen.” The male says angrily.

“Well, I’ll see you kids around. Be careful.” He says towards the couple and continues up.

“I would be careful due, those people will arrest you if you’re caught trespassing.” The male tells George.

As he gets close to Upper Highland, he spots a few bulldozers picking up dirt and some guards guarding the area. He sees it is indeed the reservoir being worked on, but who was hired to renovate the area. Another possibility was that the city of New York decided that the reservoir should be placed back on commission after being closed for over 25 years.

Despite the fact that the workers looked innocent enough, George still isn’t convinced that nothing is wrong. His suspicions begin to ring when he sees men in hazmat suits walking out of the abandoned buildings. They are also moving in capsules and other funny looking objects. He studies possible entrance points and sees that the main entrance to the reservoir now has a gate with a padlock.

The padlock looks easy enough to pick, so he has a point of entrance.

“Cool, I got a way to enter. Might sound risky, but I feel there is something fishy about this operation and Hybrid has something to do with it. I’ll try to get in at dawn, after all, there is just enough light and not too many guards around or people in general. I’ll put on my camouflage stealth suit so I can blend in with the forest. I gotta see what’s going on in there.”

He heads home and begins to gather his equipment including his dart gun, lockpick, mini-camera, stun gas, and his stealth suit. It’s 7 at night and he heads to sleep early so he can get to the park as early as possible.

May 28, 2007

Objectives: 1. Enter the construction site and investigate without alerting the guards. Also, avoid deadly force.

It’s 6 in the morning and the sun is getting ready to rise. He gets into his Mustang with his stealth suit and equipment at the ready. He parks his car on Jamaica Ave and Highland Place where the hill to Upper Highland is nearby. Keeping a low profile he waits until there are no people around the area to get out of the car. Seeing the area is clear, he begins to run up the hill as fast as he can to save time.

When he gets to Middle Highland, George stops for a minute to catch his breath and makes sure no one is around. A guard is coming in on duty and he hides behind a tree. As the guard walks by, he gets away from the tree and sneaks behind the guard. He punches the guard from behind and knocks him out.

“I still got it.” He says under his own voice.

After recovering his stamina, he begins to run up the dirt path until he reaches the gate wall surrounding the site. He spots two guards by the gate, he shoots both guards with his dart gun.

Darts: 10

Approaching the gate he is able to pick the lock with his lockpick.

Lockpicking skill improved to Level 3!

He opens the gate and sees the sun begin to rise. Seeing the reservoir up ahead he goes around to the left side to avoid many of the guards. Seeing many guards in the middle of the site, he plans to stay in the shade to blend in with the scenery. He spots a guard next to an oak tree and grabs him from behind putting him in a chokehold.

Picked up a D5K Deutsche. This an average powered sub-machine gun.

Ammo: 30

“This might be useful in case I do get caught. However, I should put my mask on just to cover my face. No need for the kids to know I’m a spy.” He says under his own voice.

Putting his mask on and the machine gun on the back brace, he continues to slowly move towards the reservoir. Spotting a bulldozer, he hides behind the machine as he looks through a hole to see two guards having a conversation.

“Hey Nikhil, you have any idea what is going to be built here?” One of the guards asks the other with a heavy Slavic accent.

“Nah mate, this is all new to me. Only thing I heard is that Hybrid plans to reopen the reservoir again.” Nikhil answers.

“Hmm… so it is Hybrid taking over these lands, very interesting indeed.” He says to himself before a forklift carrying unknown equipment comes by him.

He sees where the forklift is heading and it seems to be heading towards the building that used to maintain the reservoir during its heyday’s. The two guards that were talking begin to head towards the building following the forklift. George sees this as an opportunity to cover more ground.

Seeing the opening, he heads towards the first guard tower and bumps into a guard when he reaches inside.

“Raise the alarm!” The guard begins to scream before George punches him in the face.

“I think… not…” He says as he takes out the guard.

As he climbs the stairs, he spots the guard patrolling the stairs. He shoots the guard with a sleeping dart. He hears another guard below who spots him ready to hit the alarm.

“We got an intruder!” The guard screams in a Slavic accent.

The guard runs towards the red alarm button and prepares to hit it. However, George lands a perfect hit with a sleeping dart right into the guard’s neck. The guard falls on his back lying down while George wipes the sweat off his head after nearly being caught. He picks up the clip from the guard’s weapon.

Darts: 8

D5K Ammo: 60

Once he sees the coast the clear, George goes up the stairs until he reaches the top of the tower. At the top, he spots a sniper aiming towards the reservoir bridge. George crouches and heads towards him. The sniper senses him and walks towards him, but George is able to land a jab to the jaw of the sniper knocking him out.

The sniper nearly falls over the railing, but George grabs him and pulls him back.

“Oh no, you’re not dying today! Get back here.” He says low.

Pulling out his mini-camera, he spies on what seems to be an interview between Anthony and the news reporter.

“Hmm… What’s Anthony doing here?” He says in his head.

“Taking over the reservoir and rebuilding it is a tough job indeed,” Anthony says.

“And it’s an intense and time-consuming job at that.” The female reporter follows.

“That’s why we’ve invested in machines like those forklifts and the terraforming machines you see here. We want the water to be as fresh as it can be for the people. So the kids can play in the summer and the old folks can take their clean baths at night. We promise those chemicals we’re bringing in are to clean the water and make it serviceable for the public to use.” Anthony replies.

“Will you charge the people for the water?” The reporter asks.

“Well we would have to, but I promise that the cost of water for the residents of Cypress Hills will be the cheapest in all of Brooklyn if not all of New York.” He answers.

“How about the hospital?” She asks another question.

“My dear, as much as I would like to answer that question I’m afraid I’ve run out of time. Perhaps the next interview?” He answers.

“Ok no problem, thank you, Mr. Clark, for that informative interview.” She says cordially.

“The pleasure is all mines.” He replies and the female reporter along with the cameraman leave the scene.

“Snipers, back into position!” He pages the snipers back into guard mode when the reporters begin to leave.

George wonders why the high amount of snipers is needed to guard what seems to be an innocent project.

“Unless there is a threat of a terrorist attack, which I highly doubt something tells me I need to go and check deeper.” He says in his head. Spotting another couple of guards, he shoots them with darts to put them to sleep.

Darts: 6

Objectives Updated!

Objective Added: 2. Enter the main building and investigate. Do not use deadly force on guards.

When George is able to spot the main building from the top, he takes the zipline down to ground level. A couple of guards have their heads turned as they are unaware of George going down the zipline. When he gets back to the ground level he’s able to see red lasers despite the fact they are hard to see during the day. With the sun rising, it begins to get into his eyes. However, he works around that and continues on his way.

He gets by the first set of lasers and approaches a door that is locked. Trying to pick the lock, he looks behind him and sees a sniper laser heading his way. He rolls to the right as the laser goes by him and he’s able to avoid being spotted by the sniper.

“Crap there must be something big they don’t want anybody to find out about.” He says catching his breath.

As soon as the laser is safely away from his vision, he goes back to picking the door. He’s able to pick the door easily and enters. To his disappointment, however, there’s nothing inside besides an old obsolete map of the reservoir back in the 80’s. What he does see though is a back door leading around where the snipers are watching.

Heading though the back way, he has spotted a back way around the snipers. When he leaves the door though, he spots a strange vine. Picking it up and feeling it, the vine is slimy in nature and has a strange texture to it. He doesn’t think too much about it figuring it was a vine that is just wet, so he puts it down.

He continues to move forward and runs through until he gets to the next tower. When he gets to the next tower, he spots a few guards patrolling the area. Hiding behind a box, he studies the patterns and decides to pick them off one by one.

One of the guards goes parallel to him and he sees the other two guards are not around. He sneaks behind the guard and chokes him. Heading back to hiding, he hears the two guards scream when they see their comrade down on the floor. They rush towards their comrade and George shoots both of them with his dart gun.

Darts: 4

While he picks off the three guards, he notices his ammo for the dart gun is running low.

“I gotta start being smart about how I use these darts.” He says in his head.

As he heads away from the tower, he can spot the building ahead. However, he has to cross the bridge and there is only one way through. There are a large number of troops around though that would catch him fast.

“Shit, what do I do here? I can’t just cross, they would make mince meat out of me. Hmm… that ledge. It might be my best shot, but I have to tread carefully.” He says as he spots a way around to the other side.

Seeing a forklift, he climbs up to the top and grabs the ledge. The ledge is only big enough to fit half of his hand, so there is not much room for error. He tightens his grip as best as he can and begins to shimmy along the ledge knowing one mistake will send him swimming straight to jail.

Press “A” repeatedly to shimmy…

Now press “B” repeatedly to shimmy…

He gets to the middle easily, but his hands begin to give way and begin to weaken. However, he knows he must continue to move.

Press “A” repeatedly to shimmy… Nice

Press “B” repeatedly to shimmy… Too Slow!

George loses his grip on his left hand and his right hand nearly gives away. However, he uses his foot to gain his grip. He’s able to regain his grip on the ledge and is able to continue on his way. Despite getting back his composure, his hands are becoming numb and the other side is a long jump away. Taking a long deep breath, he prepares to jump to the other side…

Press “A” and “B” together to jump.

Taking a leap of faith, he makes it to the other side. However, he doesn’t have much time to relax as he spots a laser close to his location. There is a rather steep hill that leads to the entrance of the building. Not taking any chances of being shot at, he rolls down the hill no matter how painful it might be.

He rolls down the hill and falls to the bottom of the hole. Despite suffering a few bruises, he is able to get up just fine and sees the door to get in. He sees a couple of men in hazmat suits bringing in equipment into the building. While a guard is standing by the door, the two men enter the building.

Dart: 3

“What in the hell is in those capsules?” He asks himself.

The door closes automatically and he picks the guard off with the dart gun. He sees that the door has a handprint next to it indicating that it needs fingerprints to open the door. While his hand fits into the reader, he doesn’t want to risk leaving his fingerprints or worse setting off an alarm due to an unauthorized handprint being used.

Instead, he makes sure no one is around and when the coast is clear he grabs the guard. He takes the guard’s hand and places it on the reader. The reader accepts the handprint and the door opens.

Objective 1 completed! Objectives updated…

Objective added: 3. Find any incriminating evidence against Hybrid.

Entering the building he finds himself in a hallway that is in need of repairs. He sees three doors in front of him. One is locked to his left needing a keycard, the door to the right is locked, and the one ahead of him is open.

George has some experience with overriding keycard readers and attempts to hotwire the keycard reader. The reader proves to be harder to override than he thought.

Requires Level 7 Lockpicking Skill.

“Damn I can’t be here all day, gotta keep it moving. Maybe I’ll find a card along the way.” George says as he heads to the door to the next to him.

He attempts to pick the door next to him and is successful in doing so. As he enters the room, he enters the maintenance room.

Lockpicking skill improved to Level 4!

A man in a hazmat suit walks down the stairs. Another man is looking at the computers, possibly looking to see how to repair them. He chokes the guard while covering his mouth to avoid any noise. After choking the guard, he sees a pickup.

Picked up +5 Darts. Darts: 8

He goes down the stairs as soon as the Hazmat guard enters through the door. Following the guard carefully, he wonders where the man is heading to. At first, he is tempted to shoot the guy with a dart. However, he sees a keypad and realizes he needs the guy to open the door.

Objectives Updated!

Objective Added: 4. Follow Hazmat Guard without being spotted.

After the guard inserts the code the door opens. George runs through as quickly as he can before the door closes. As soon as he enters, he spots a box to hide behind. Hearing a noise, the guard looks around and finds nothing suspicious. The guard keeps moving towards the electrical room and uses the keypad to open the door. Once the door is open, George rushes in and punches the guard in the back of the head.

“Sleep tight cunt!” George says bluntly.

Objective 4 Completed!

Once the coast is clear, he spots a breaker that is off for an elevator. He turns on the breaker by flipping the switch. After doing that, he grabs his mini-camera and begins to take pictures. He sees the boxes. All of them are closed though. They are labeled, “Lab Equipment”. Perhaps they’re planning to build a laboratory here. He sees a set of plans on top of a box that he grabs and keeps moving.

He heads back to the hallway and heads through the other open door that is ahead of him. When he enters, he finds himself in the pump room. There are numerous guards around and alarm panels not too far from the guards.

“All those guards, damn it’s gonna be tricky to not get caught. There’s gotta be a smarter way…” He says under his voice as he hides behind a huge water pipe.

When he looks to his left he sees several boxes stacked up and a grate close to the ceiling that he can use to sneak by to the elevator. Taking a deep breath, George begins to climb up the boxes carefully without attracting too much attention. When he gets to the top box he watches the guards carefully before he climbs up to the grate. Spotting the guards talking to each other, he pulls himself up to the grate.

George makes it up to the top of the grate and begins to crawl slowly to avoid making too much noise. Crawling slowly he heads towards the middle of the room and watches the movement of the guards. He knows one false move and he’ll be spotted rather quickly. When he gets to the middle, he hits a part of the grate that is weak. The metal becomes loose and he nearly falls through, but doesn’t fall to the relief of George.

He begins to break a sweat and decides what he should do. He decides to take a risk and get on the side of the grate and shimmy his way around the broken part of the grate. When he gets around the broken grate, he gets back onto the grate.

One of the guards hears a funny noise and alerts the others.

“Hey, you guys hear that?” The guard says to the others.

All of the guards look around but are unable to spot anything or anybody. George remains still until the suspicion goes down. When the guards relax, he begins to make his move once again. As he reaches the end of the path, he sees the elevator below him, but the fall is rather far. However, he spots a shaft that is open due to maintenance being done on the elevator.

Entering the shaft he finds himself on top of the elevator and opens the panel above him. A guard is inside the elevator and George comes down to surprise him.

“Hey, who are you? What are you doing here…” The guard says before he is knocked out by George.

“Nothing, just a curious journalist, that’s all.” He replies.

Hitting the button to the top floor, the elevator heads up, and the door opens when it reaches the top floor. After the door opens, a couple of hazmat guards spot him close to the elevator and try to approach him. However, he quickly pulls out his dart gun and shoots the guards before they can react.

Darts: 8

After taking the two guards out he heads into a room on the top floor of the building. When he enters he room, capsules can be seen of plants, sharks, and lizards.

“Why do they have frozen sharks here? Why are they trying to accomplish here?” He says before he spots a document.

Instructions for testing life forms.

First make sure that the life form remains dead before applying the “Raven Hawk” substance. After about an hour, the body temperature should increase and the life form should begin to “resurrect”. Once the life form begins to show some form of life, take the life form to the appropriate area.

For plants – To the cultivation room.

For Lizards – To the cages on the lower levels.

For Sharks – Leave them in the water in the reservoirs.

Hopefully the Raven Hawk will lead us to the next medical breakthrough!

The document ends at that point. He decides to take pictures of what he sees and the document with him.

“I think I need to revisit that door and try to see if I can hotwire the card reader. That basement is bound to be full of goodies!” He says as he decides to head back to the main hallway.

As soon as he gets back onto the elevator, he hears the horn indicating that it’s breakfast time. All of the guards head out of the building giving George a huge opening to infiltrate the deep parts of the building.

As he approaches the main hallway, an alarm goes off. Perhaps a guard spotted the downed bodies and rung the alarm as a precaution. However, George can’t take any chances and has to make sure he isn’t unmasked.

“Crap the alarm! I better get the hell out of here before I become toast.” He says heading out of the building.

Objectives 2 and 3 – Failed

Objectives finetuned!

New Objective – Escape from the facility, use whatever means necessary.

A guard approaches him ready to shoot him, but he shoots him with his D5K that he picked up. More guards approach him and he kills them all.

Picked up 45 Bullets.

D5K Ammo: 55

The alarm horns go off and a general alarm goes out.

“Attention! An intruder has been spotted, deadly force is allowed. However, if we can capture him alive it would be best.” The loudspeaker announces.

He keeps going as he climbs the hill. More guards approach him and begin to shoot at him. He runs as fast as he can as the bullets hit the metal and the concrete guard towers.

“Hit the intruder!” A guard yells.

He is able to see a gate and begins to climb as fast as he can. The guards continue to give chase as they see he has jumped the gate. They follow and hunt for him in the forest. The three guards are unable to find him in the forest. When they get deeper into the forest, George ambushes them and kills them all with his sub-machine gun.

It’s eight o’clock at the park is still empty, so nobody will be the wiser that there was an intruder. He heads towards Lower Highland and runs toward his Mustang. Once he gets into his car, he guns it out of the area before the guards continue to give chase.

Objective 5 Complete!

Mission Complete!

Once he gets to Jamaica Ave. and Jerome St. he begins to calm down and drive more casually. He takes off his mask to avoid any suspicion and heads home.

Lookout for more action as George digs into the Hybrid Corporation in Issue #3 coming in March!

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