The Fifth Survivor Issue #1 January 2018

The Fifth Survivor

Issue #1 Jan 2018

May 12, 2007

“I’m George T. Fisher and my normal job is being the jolly janitor of IS. 302. The school is located in the Cypress Hills section of Brooklyn. While I love being a janitor and all, my real job is too dangerous to reveal to the students. In fact, I don’t dare reveal what I do at night, on weekends, and during my vacation. I’m actually a writer for the Cypress Hills tabloid. Well, my family knows what I do, but I choose to write in a pen name known as The Fish Master.

I got that pen name because I’ve been known in my writing career to be one to uncover some of the darkest secrets in Cypress Hills. I was responsible for putting away a serial killer all the way to a doctor who was supposed to be the friendliest doctor in town but turned out to be part of a high powered mob family. It’s fair to say that my life is in danger these days. What saves me is my pen name. Many people want to know who the fish master is, but the only one who knows that is my third wife.

Today I’ve been assigned to cover a story where I interview a top researcher for the Hybrid Nation. His name is only Anthony Clark, one of the sons of the Clark family. I know his brother, Herman and he’s quite the douche. I hope that Anthony is not a douche himself. I’ll take my lockpick just in case I get hungry for more information. I’m a rather good lockpicker and cracked some of the biggest stories by stealing valuable information to the story. I never tell my boss where I truly get my information. He seems like a good man, but you can never be too sure.”

George is a man that comes from a well respected German family in Cypress Hills. Despite the area being populated by mostly middle-class Latinos, he is still given proper respect. He suspects that the Hybrid Corporation is conducting less than ethical experiments and wants to see what is really going on behind closed doors. He isn’t part of any law enforcement organization. He’s just a man who believes in the truth and makes a good living off from it.

Despite his ethical nature, he still hasn’t told his boss what his true intentions are. He knows if he does and gets caught, it could jeopardize his job and life.

George is rather knowledgeable about the Hybrid Corporation and wants to see wants to do when it comes to the Cypress Hills area. He decides to take his lockpick and his dart gun with him in case he decides to make this a probe.

Picked up a Dart Gun. Darts: 10

Picked up a Lockpick. Lockpicking Skill Level: 1

He decides to sleep early to get some rest before his interview tomorrow.

May 13, 2017

He heads to JFK airport at 6 in the morning in order to catch the 8 o’clock plane to California. Once he gets to the airport, he carefully keeps his dart gun hidden in his check-in luggage to avoid being stopped. Despite giving off a little sweat, he gets through security just fine.

Once he’s in the plane, he relaxes and actually enjoys his flight to Cali.

“I’ll admit JetBlue treats me well and the seats are rather comfortable.” He says in his head.

After an eight hour flight, he arrives at LAX airport. He’s in no rush since his interview is at four in the afternoon and it’s only two in Pacific Time.

George makes a phone call to his brother.

“Hey Harry, how are you? I’m in California ready for my ‘interview’ with Mr. Clark. How did you manage with hacking into their security system?” He asks his brother.

“Well bro, good and bad news… First the good news, I got into their system and I’ll be able to open some doors. The bad news, I won’t be able to disable the alarm should any go off and indeed Hybrid has something to hide if there is security like Fort Knox. To put it in simpler terms, it’ll be up to you if you want to go on with probing the building.” Harry gives his observations.

“Damn, not what I wanted to hear. I’m sure I could get through without being caught…” George says.

“I’m sure you could, but I have to say I would label this mission as ‘very risky’ and one that could put you in serious danger. Trust me those 10 darts are not going to get you too far and how will you hide the sleeping bodies.” Harry warns his brother.

“Ah… thanks for the warning. I’ll see what I do, depends on the answers I get from Mr. Clark. Not much we can do until the interview is over.” George replies.

George hangs up and decides to hail a cab to the downtown part of Los Angeles where the building is located. He has the cab take him to the hotel where he will be staying in and heads to his room to leave his luggage. He decides to carry only his dart gun, camera, and briefcase where he has his pen and paper. Instead of using his real name, he will go by the name of Terry Bond.

After preparing himself for the interview, he hails another cab to take him to the Hybrid Corporation headquarters. Once he gets to the HQ, he enters the building casually. The doorman asks him where he is going.

“Hello sir, where are you heading today?” The doorman asks.

“My name is Terry Bond and I have an interview with Anthony Clark. He is waiting for me. You can page him and let him know it’s the man from the Cypress Hills tabloid.” George calmly tells the doorman.

The doorman calls Anthony and he gives the doorman the green light.

“Well sir, you can go up. Anthony has been waiting for you. He is on the eighth floor.” The doorman cordially says.

“Thank you,” George replies.

He heads to the elevator and takes it to the eighth floor. When he arrives at the eighth floor, he sees the receptionist sitting down. The receptionist is a beautiful Slavic blonde woman who is in her middle 20’s. She is wearing a white blouse with brown khakis along with a pair of white flats.

“Hmm… if I was younger I might have asked her on a date.” He jokily says in his head.

“Hi sir, can I help you?” She asks.

“Hi my dear, I’m here to see Anthony Clark he is waiting for me.” He replies.

“Oh ok, you must be Terry Bond correct?” She asks.

“Yes, that’s me.” He replies.

“You can enter.” She kindly says.

He enters Anthony Clark’s office and greets him.

“Hello Anthony Clark,” George says.

“Hi Terry, how are you today?” Anthony says.

“I’m doing well. Anyway, I would like to get started on our interview.” George replies.

George begins to interview and grill Anthony with some challenging questions. The one question that sticks out is what does Hybrid intend to do in Cypress Hills.

Anthony answers that Hybrid is already partnered with Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn to help spread the Broken Arrow cure. He also claims that in only 3-5 years a new hospital will be built in Cypress Hills funded by Hybrid to keep the town healthy. According to Anthony, the project “Raven Hawk” is supposed to be a cure for cancer.

George is astounded by the answer. He begins to think two possible scenarios. One is that Hybrid is really trying to cure cancer and the other is that they are using cancer as a front for something more sinister. Then he finds out that Anthony will be relocated to New York later in the year.

After about 30 minutes of questions, the interview is over. While George has a few takeaways, he’s not satisfied with the knowledge he received. He feels that Hybrid and Anthony both coming to Cypress Hills can’t be a coincidence. Not to mention, why would Hybrid be interested in the small town of Cypress Hills. It’s a part of Brooklyn that rarely gets any news attention.

Once the interview is over, he heads to the bathroom and gives a quick call to his brother.

“So what did you learn?” His brother asks.

“A few things, but I’m suspicious. I know it’s probably because I’m an investigative writer, but I don’t trust Hybrid coming to my hometown. Plus, Raven Hawk doesn’t sound like a name for something that will cure cancer. I call bullshit on that.” He answers.

“So what are you saying? Please don’t tell me you’re going through with probing?” His brother tries to talk him out of sneaking around.

“As dangerous as the mission might be, I need to find out the truth. It seems odd that they are interested in dealing with where I live. I hate to say it, but Cypress Hills is hardly a town worth investing in unless they want to use the small town of East New York to hide something. No, something is up and I gotta find out.” George answers boldly.

“You gotta be kidding me! Security is ridiculous in that building. I really hope you know what you’re doing because if you get busted there’s nothing I can do to save your hide.” His brother responds trying to knock some sense into him.

“Calm down, let me do the breaking and entering, ok? I have a perfect idea.” George calmly replies and then hangs up.

He waves bye to the receptionist and heads down the stairs claiming he needs the exercise. Spotting a maintenance room within the staircase, he picks the lock to the door and unlocks the door.

Lockpicking Skill has increased to Level 2!

Once he’s in the room, he sees the janitor. He decides to shoot a sleeping dart to the janitor to put him to sleep. He checks the size of the uniform. It’s a large which is perfect for George. He strips the janitor of his clothing and puts the janitor’s uniform on. He pulls out his fake mustache to avoid giving his identity away. He puts his clothes on top of a cabinet knowing the janitor will be asleep for hours.

Picked up a janitor’s uniform. This disguise should allow me access to Anthony’s room without giving away any suspicions.

Picked up +5 Darts. Sleeping Darts: 14

He heads out of the room and locks the door to avoid suspicion. Then he heads back up to the 8th floor and tells the girl that he is going to clean the floor. He sees that Anthony is getting ready to leave for the day and waits until he leaves. Once George sees him leave, he enters his room pretending to be cleaning. He sees a locked desk and he tries to pick the lock but is unsuccessful.

Requires Level 3 Lockpicking Skill.

He sees the file cabinet, which is easier to pick and decides to pick the lock on the cabinet and is able to successfully get it unlocked. He closes the door and turns on the vacuum that is inside of the room to give the receptionist the idea that nothing suspicious is taking place.

Lockpicking Skill has increased to Level 3!

When he looks in the file cabinet, he is disappointed that he finds nothing incriminating. At the same time though, he is optimistic that perhaps Hybrid is really clean in their intentions. All of a sudden he finds a note in the files and it reads.

“Reminder: Appointment with the head of Woodhull Hospital on July 7, 2007. Topic: Hybrid and Woodhull merger.”

“Hmm… merger huh? I wonder what could be inside that desk. Let me try one more time.” He says looking to pick the lock on the desk.

This time he’s able to pick the lock on the desk. He finds something shiny inside.

Picked up a keycard. According to the tag, it leads to 2nd-floor laboratory.

George calls his brother again.

“Hey bro, I hope you’re calling me to tell me that you’ve reconsidered,” Harry asks.

“No even better.”

“Oh no! Let me guess you’re going to become James Bond all of a sudden.”

“Harry, you must be a smart man. Actually, I found a key leading to their laboratories.”

“Oh George, so let me guess you’re going to just go down there and they will let you in because they like you, right? Are you out of you’re mind?”

“Yes I am, but I have a cover. I stole a janitor’s uniform and I’ll be going in as a janitor pretending to clean. I’m going to get a sample of this so-called ‘Raven Hawk”

“I’m not sure what you been smoking, but for your sake you better not be caught red-handed!”

“How about giving me a chance and having some confidence in your big brother for once, Harry?”

“Fine George, I can reprogram the elevator allowing you access to the 2nd floor.”

“No too risky, I rather take the stairs so they will think less suspicious of me. Just get the 2nd-floor door open from the stairway as I don’t have the keycard.”

“Alright, I’m hacking in now,” Harry says as he hacks into the security system.

While his brother hacks into the security system, George heads down the stairs again and this time goes all the way down to the 2nd floor. Once he gets to the second floor, he sees the door is still locked. After a few seconds, he sees the keypad turn green indicating the door is unlocked.

He enters the 2nd floor and carries a broom pretending to be cleaning the floor. All of the guards and lab workers simply bypass him without incident. Looking for the lab area, he is unable to find it and decides to ask another janitor.

“Hey do you know where the lab is located, I’m new here,” George asks.

“Yeah, it’s down the hall and to your left. However, if you’ve been assigned to clean the area you must be escorted by a supervisor. They don’t allow janitors inside by themselves. You want me to call someone?” The worker asks.

“No that won’t be necessary, just wanted to know in the future. Someone told me that I will have to clean the lab sooner or later.” George answers.

“Alright man, I’ll see you around.” The janitor replies and returns to mopping the floor.

After getting the instructions from the janitor, he heads down the hall and turns to his left. He can see a couple of guards in front of the door. He also sees an electrical room where he can hide the bodies once he puts them to sleep.

When he sees nobody else is around, he gets onto the wall and peeks around the corner avoiding eye contact with the guards. Sweating a little bit, he aims his dart gun when the two look at each other. He shoots a dart to one of the guards.

“Hey, Matt I had a question…” The guard says before he falls asleep.

“Daniel, hey Daniel. What the hell…” The other guard says before he is shot by a sleeping dart.

Sleeping Darts: 12

“Sleep tight you two, oh crap a camera! I didn’t see that, it would be too suspicious if I tried to move the men in the room with that camera on. I wonder if the electrical room has a DVR.” He says once he sees the situation.

He notices he has a set of keys in his pocket and finds the one to the electrical room. Opening the room, he sees the DVR is in the back. When he gets to the DVR he sees four cameras on the screen and he disconnects the camera showing the door to the lab.

“There goes that camera, but I think I should erase the recording on this puppy.” He says.

DVR Settings

  1. Display
  2. Recording
  3. Advanced Settings
  4. Export Video to USB

George selects choice #2

Recording Settings

  1. Stop Recording
  2. Erase Existing Saved Recording
  3. Set hours and day to record.

George selects choice #2

What do you want to delete?

  1. Delete from the beginning of time
  2. Delete a certain portion

George selects choice #1

All of the existing recording has been deleted permanently!

George selects choice #1 from the Recording Settings

Do you want to stop recording on the DVR? Yes/No

George selects yes and recording has stopped on the DVR.

“Nice, now I just gotta make sure my old ass doesn’t get spotted.” He says.

After disabling the camera, he grabs one of the guards and takes him into the electrical room. He tries to get the next guard, but another security guard is patrolling the hallway. He debates whether to take the guard out, but then decides against it figuring he wants fewer bodies around.

The guard doesn’t turn the corner towards the door to the lab, probably because he assumes the two guards are there by the door. George is relieved that he doesn’t have to take another body out. Once the guard leaves the hall, he grabs and drags the other guard into the electrical room. He turns off the lights and locks the door.

Using the keycard he got from Anthony’s room, he enters the hallway leading to the lab. In the lab area, he has to keep a low profile as he remembers that no janitors are allowed in the area. Plus anyone he takes out, he’ll have to leave lying down as he doesn’t have time to waste. As he walks slowly through the hallway, he spots a couple of scientists talking to each other. So he decides to go through the other hallway and sees a couple of lab areas.

George crawls under the windows so that he isn’t spotted by the scientists from the window. A guard turns the corner and makes eye contact with George. In a moment of panic, he shoots a dart putting the guard to sleep. To his relief, the guard falling on the floor doesn’t bring much attention and no one goes to investigate the fallen guard.

Sleeping Darts: 11

“With so many labs here, I wonder how I will get a sample of the ‘Raven Hawk’ and what it even looks like.” He says in his head.

That’s when he realizes that he’ll have to enter each lab room and investigate them individually. He spots the door for the first lab room and enters slowly. He shoots the two scientists with darts putting them to sleep and looks out for any guards. After seeing the coast is clear, he checks the room carefully for any sign of the ‘Raven Hawk’ vaccine. However, all he sees is empty test tubes and common liquids.

“Crap there are so many lab rooms, I’m bound to be caught. Hmm… a locker room, perhaps I can ‘borrow’ a uniform. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.” He spots a locker room in the back.

He heads towards the locker room and shoots a guard heading there just to make sure.

Sleeping Darts: 10

Once he gets to the locker room, he finds himself in the showers. A few scientists are taking showers and a few are walking around. He knows that he can’t take a chance by using his dart gun as it would attract too much attention. Instead, he looks for his opportunity to get into the actual locker room. Realizing that the amount of traffic isn’t going to calm down, he’s forced to find another way into the lockers.

He spots an open vent and decides to enter hoping that it will lead him to the locker room. By the look of it someone was working on cleaning the vents. With the temperature being rather cool for the time of year the air conditioning is off. He enters the shaft and crawls through until he gets to the end. He’s able to feel a small draft from the top, but that is simply the shaft leading up to the roof. When he gets to the end of the shaft he lands right inside the locker room.

“Hey you what are you doing here…” A scientist says when he spots George.

He chokes the scientist, puts him to sleep, and then says, “I’m sure you won’t mind if I borrow your clothes.”

Picked up a locker key. This opens locker 35.

Heading to locker 35, he opens it and finds a spare scientist jacket.

Picked up a Scientist Jacket. This should make it easier for me to blend in and find the “Raven Hawk” vaccine.

Seeing the room is clear, he changes into the jacket quickly and sticks the janitor’s uniform into the locker. He walks out casually and says hi to the staff to make it look natural. When he gets out of the locker room, he heads to the second lab room and finds a list of secret projects on a piece of paper. The room is empty as well, giving him the freedom to snoop around.

Secret Projects that we will work on this year…




-Web Spinner

– Hot Dog



-Plant 50

While there is a list, it doesn’t go into much detail into what they are. His best guess is that they are trying to test on animals and plants. The name that strikes him the most is Nemesis. It simply doesn’t sound like a vaccine that is friendly, but without any hard evidence, it’s just a theory. He finds nothing else in the second room, so he heads to the third room.

A guard approaches him and looks at him suspiciously. He asks, “Hey are you new here?”

“Yes I am, why?” George answers.

“Some weird things have been taking place here. The two guards that are supposed to be guarding the door are not there. I have just been told a scientist is down in the locker room, I suspect foul play. Have you seen anything?”

“No I haven’t, but I’ll keep an eye out for anything.” He answers the guard.

“Very well, carry on and remain on alert.” The guard lets George go on his way.

“I gotta be careful, red flags are going up.” He says to himself.

He enters the third lab room and sees a blue liquid labeled “Raven Hawk”. There is another scientist in the room, so he carefully takes the liquid and sticks it in his shirt pocket making sure the other scientist doesn’t see anything.

Picked up the “Raven Hawk” vaccine. Now to get this tested and see what the real composition of this vaccine is.

Seeing the clock has hit five o’clock, the other scientist tells George it’s time to go home and leaves right away.

“That was easier than I thought, now I just need to get this sample tested by a scientist friend of mine and we’ll find out what it really is. Now to get my briefcase and get out of here.”

He takes a quick picture of the laboratory with his mini-camera just in case the sample comes out positive as an actual virus. He leaves the laboratory quickly and takes the stairs to the 8th-floor maintenance room. The janitor is still asleep and he grabs his briefcase. After making sure he has everything, he leaves the building casually even saying bye to the doorman. He hails a cab back to the hotel room where he is staying and calls his brother.

“Hey Harry, looks like big brother did it indeed. I got the sample!” George says.

“You are one crazy son of a bitch, but that is a huge piece of evidence you just got. Now you gotta get your geek friend to test it and you’re in business. Sometimes you can go too far, but…” George cuts off his brother.

“It helps me get far in my career, right? No need to say it, I should be there tomorrow. I got the perfect place to hide this sample so TSA won’t spot it and question me.”

“George, you should have worked for MI6 instead. It seems you have the skills to be a spy.” Harry compliments his brother.

“Thanks, I’ll see you tomorrow.” George hangs up the phone.

However, he gets a phone call. Looking at the caller ID, it reads “Hybrid Corporation”. He becomes nervous as he might have been spotted, but it could just be Anthony giving him thanks for the interview.

He picks up the phone and says “Hello Terry Bond here, may I help you…”

Check out who’s on the other line in the next issue of

The Fifth Survivor.

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