The Fifth Survivor – What the story is all about. From bestselling Amazon Horror writer Angel Ramon

Based on the Amazon Bestseller for horror short stories, Angel’s Nightmare Adventure, this is a side story based on a new character that will be featured in the third book of the series titled, Nemesis. His name is George Fisher and he’s a tabloid writer for his local community. During the day he’s a janitor at the local Junior High School. At night and on weekends, he is known as The Fish Master, a tabloid writer with quite the reputation. He has exposed some of the most corrupt local politicians and criminals in Cypress Hills. While his pen name has kept him out of trouble, he is going to put himself in the crosshairs. He is considered the fifth survivor of the first outbreak besides Angel, Maria, Luis and Joe.

A new genetic engineering company called the Hybrid Corporation promises a cure for cancer. However, when George learns about them coming to his hometown, he’s skeptical about them and their real intentions. As George will find out in his probing, all is not well with Hybrid. Follow George in this web-exclusive serial novel that will span events from book one to Nemesis. Will George expose Hybrid for their sins or will he perish to the creatures of Hybrid? It’s time to step in the shoes of the unknown fifth survivor.

New issues will be out monthly.

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