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My Daily Chatter – Dawn Chapman Sci-Fi Creator and Writer

Hello Serial Readers:

The  TL;DR – Buy Dawn Chapman’s books.  She’s a great writer and her books are well worth the price and the time to read.  5 out of 5 stars.

Today I want to introduce you to an outstanding science fiction and fantasy writer: Dawn Chapman.  Dawn claims to have been developing science fiction stories for over 30 years, but I swear she doesn’t look a day over 25.   Considering I look four days older than dirt, I’m jealous.

Back in 2005, Dawn turned her talents to television and wrote the scrips for a 13-week science fiction series named The Secret King.  Thankfully, for me, she went back into publishing full time in  2010.

Dawn’s latest creation is Desert Runner, an NPC story.  To celebrate her birthday (which was yesterday) she has it free on Amazon for a few days.  Most of us have Kindle Unlimited because we read a lot of books.  All of Dawn Chapman’s books are available in KU.  So, even though this book is free right now, it would be great if we support her by buying it through KU.

Check out Dawn’s blog for the latest info on her projects.   I recommend buying Desert Storm, Desert Born, and Desert Storm (book 3 in the series).  I give all of them 5 stars.

Once Upon a Time Freebie Extravaganza! | The Supernatural World of Nicola C. Matthews

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