About Me

About my upcoming book(s):

Currently writing a ‘how-to’ book on indie writing and publishing.

Also, I’m writing a GameLit book with hopefully just the right amount of RPG, stats, LVL ups, and whatnot.  I’m taking the effort and time to make it interesting enough of an RPG/MMO without overwhelming the nongaming reader.  I used to be an avid gamer before life got in the way.  I started out on a Tandy, playing Hero’s Quest in ’89-90.

About me:
25+ years writing and publishing…for money!  I’ve written over 90 books, novellas, and shorts under various pens.  And, I’ve ghostwritten other works.

Day job:
Former news producer for a few local TV stations and contractor with BBC4, CNBC, and a few others from 2008-2013.   Mostly covered and produced content for special events such as the CES (Vegas Expo), AVN, and election cycles.  I still write as a columnist for various newspapers.

About this site:

This site is much more than just dedicated to the genre of #LitRPG and GameLit.   You’ll find author interviews, rankings of best selling LitRPG ebooks, writing tips and hacks.

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