About Me

About my upcoming book(s):

Currently writing a ‘how-to’ book on indie writing and publishing. The landing page will be https://nutesquirrelblog.wordpress.com/

Also, I’m writing a LitRPG book with hopefully just the right amount of RPG, stats, LVL ups, and whatnot.  I’m taking the effort and time to make it interesting enough of an RPG/MMO without overwhelming the nongaming reader.  I used to be an avid gamer before life got in the way.  I started out on a Tandy, playing Hero’s Quest in ’89-90.

About me:
25+ years writing and publishing…for money!  I’ve written over 90 books, novellas, and shorts under various pens.  And, I’ve ghostwritten other works.

Day job:
Former news producer for a few local TV stations and contractor with BBC4, CNBC, and a few others from 2008-2013.   Mostly covered and produced content for special events such as the CES (Vegas Expo), AVN, and election cycles.

Rant on nonfiction self-help writing books:

I’m tired of the bullshit; the way some authors market their self-help educational writing books and tutorials.

Quite a few authors publish ‘how to’ tutorials with a few basic tips; with the ultimate aim of having readers buy their backmatter. Others sell ‘how-to’ courses that have little or no chance of working. I’m sick of it.  It’s hard enough for indie writers without this; what with clickfarms and dubious boxed sets.  Sigh.  No wonder 90% of indie writers give up within the first year.

My nonfiction book will be an unabashed – no bullshit approach to publishing on Amazon in the age of KU 3.0.  I’ll talk about what you can actually expect.  The amount of money you can realistically earn. What it will take.  All without up selling you another book or a course for the low low price of $49.99 a month.

How avant garde is that?

About this site:

This site is much more than just dedicated to the genre of #LitRPG.  I combined all of my sites, except for the nonfiction book landing page, to promote indie writers and talk about the publishing process.


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