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Several bestselling stories including Brian D. Anderson’s new release The Vale are GameLit as a whole, but may not necessarily be classified as LitRPG. Brian’s writing is so highly acclaimed, that prior to The Vale’s official release, audiobook giant Audible gave him a six figure offer for exclusive rights to the story. The concern of reader confusion between GameLit and LitRPG however is real. I quote Brian in a recent Facebook comment, “It’s funny. A ton of my ‘also boughts’ are LitRPG’s. I hope they don’t think The Vale is LitRPG or I’m in store for some pissed off reviews.”

Source: GameLit is not Synonymous to LitRPG – Indie Illuminati Dungeon Deposed eBook: William D. Arand, Amelia Parris: Kindle Store

Hey Serial Readers:

This is a book you’ll want to read.

Ryker only has one goal in his life right now:

Turn a certain adventuring guild into a flaming wreck while dancing merrily through the smoldering ruins. All for the chance to get back at a handful of people.

It isn’t as if they didn’t deserve it either.

They had driven him from his home. Chased him physically from the very guild house itself. All the way to the gates of the city.

Simply because he wasn’t as strong as they expected him to be.

As strong as he’d expected himself to be.

He’d returned to the city the next day and left with his means for revenge. Something he’d hidden away and told no one about when he found it on his one and only Dungeon Dive.

An inactive Dungeon Core.

A crystal the size of a fist with a soul inside. One that could create anything from mana it wanted to. From monsters and complex cave systems to gold coins.

Years of waiting, planning, and unfortunately farming, were spent waiting. Now it felt like his moment was finally here.

The Dungeon Core had been acting strange lately. As if it were finally… coming to life.

Watching over the crystal like a hawk for this very event, Ryker impatiently waits. Any day now, it’d start.

And he could set about taking his vengeance.

Starting with ripping the soul of the Dungeon out. Playing For Keeps (Alpha World Book 4) eBook: Daniel Schinhofen: Kindle Store

Hey Serial Readers:

I’m reading Alpha World Book 4.

Alpha Company is embarking on a grand mission, crossing the Dead Lands to find and conquer Gwain’s Keep. Led by Alburet, most of the guild embarks on what could be an epic and memorable journey, as they aim at being the first Two-souled guild to capture a keep.

Besides safeguarding the members of the guild, Alburet also has to worry about the natives that are with them on their journey. Deidre Crowley, Stacia’s sister, is the one he worries about most, having sworn to see her safely across the lifeless desolation of the Dead Lands.

Having to be ultra-vigilant during the day, night brings welcome relief and relaxation to the raid. For Alburet, Karen, and Stacia it also brings their chance to help Fluffball come to grips with her past.

Rejoin the group in Alpha World while they “Play for Keeps”.

(This book contains adult themes, just like the rest of the series. If you didn’t like those themes there, you won’t like them here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ahead of time. After all, one of the main supporting characters is a Succubus.)

China bans the letter ‘N’ and George Orwell’s Animal Farm as President Xi JinPing extends grip on power | London Evening Standard

China’s crackdown has me scratching my head.  I mean why ban Winnie the Pooh?

Censors also banned images of Winnie the Pooh after dissenters shared images of the cartoon bear hugging a jar of honey alongside the quote: “Find the thing you love and stick with it.”

Source: China bans the letter ‘N’ and George Orwell’s Animal Farm as President Xi JinPing extends grip on power | London Evening Standard