Angel’s Nightmare Adventure 3: Nemesis – A Horror GameLit Adventure eBook: Angel Ramon: Kindle Store

You loved the first two, the Horror Videogame/LitRPG/GameLit experience continues with into the third installment. It promises to be 10 times scarier and mysterious. If you love the puzzles from Resident Evil, this will be up your alley as well and they will become more challenging.

Maria, a survivor of the second zombie outbreak finds herself visiting her family back in her hometown of Cypress Hills. However, she finds her family has been murdered. This is not the work of a serial killer though, as she will find out. Her hometown of Cypress Hills has become the epicenter of the latest outbreak. The zombies have escaped Hybrid’s underground laboratory and broken through a protective wall that was supposed to keep them at bay. Zombies are only the tip of the iceberg though as many other creatures such as lizards and huge spiders are roaming around. Can Maria use her survival skills such as ammo crafting and lockpicking to escape the bio-hazard outbreak? Find out in the next edition of the survivor horror series and chick-lit book. There is also a stalker roaming the streets of Cypress Hills, his name is NEMESIS!

Rated M for Mature for Gore, Zombie Blood, and a chick who will kick zombie butt!

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