My fascination with author Daniel Schinhofen

Daniel Schinhofen – international man of mystery.

I had you at free, right?  Aside from the free book, I’ve followed Daniel Schinhofen for some time.  Not just because he writes #LitRPG and #GameLit, but because I enjoy good writing with a twist.

I’m not about putting down other authors, each one has a unique style.   But, I get tired of predictable stereotypic tropes: you know what I’m talking about:  as a reader, you can sense with some writers what is going to happen two or three chapters ahead based on the HUD, the loot, the magic (or lack of ability thereof).

Schinhofen knows when to take a turn in character development.  He has a sense of imagination – often lacking in other works I’ve read by arguably more successful writers.

Reviews of Alpha World: Book 1

If you enjoy reading – if you’re a serial reader as I am – you should be following the journies  Daniel Schinhofen takes and the books he writes.

So, if you can, pick up a free copy of Alpha World.  It’s a great read and, like me, you’ll be looking forward to his other projects: especially if you like a little demon once in a while. And, a little sexy time.

You’ll get hooked.

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