How and Why this LitRPG Website Came About

A few days ago, a Facebook friend, John Ward, complimented this site and asked how it all started.  Here’s your answer.

First off, thanks for liking the site.  Over the coming months, I plan to add many more features.   Your feedback is important.

Like most of us who enjoy LitRPG, I’ve read science fiction, fantasy and virtual reality for years.   I specifically started following LitRPG a little over a year ago with Aleron Kong’s The Land.  The book clicked and I thought it was a good read—and a good way to write.   Mixing game mechanics with words seemed like an epiphany: Why wasn’t this already a thing?  Well, it turns out it was, I was just late to the party.

Then, there was an explosion of writers onto the scene.   Probably for the same reasons I enjoy reading LitRPG, many indie writers began writing it in their own unique style.   I wanted to read them all, or as many as I could.

The Website

I enjoy reading indie writers and I wanted to support authors in this genre.  So, the website was a logical thing to do.  I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel: there are some really good sites promoting LitRPG.

But, I think that there is always room for more author interviews and ways for writers to interact with readers.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.

The top 25 list of bestselling LitRPG books is something I am proud of doing.  It’s based on pure sales, and does not calculate free books.  Interestingly, this can swing books from one extreme to another quickly.   It’s amazing how 20 sales can swing some of these books.

End Result

It takes a lot of time gathering info for the site.   LitRPG is changing literally every single day.  New books, new authors and new ideas.

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