A new Amazon bookstore opened in Manhattan today

Amazon opened its second brick and mortar store in NYC hoping to tap that part of the retail market.  The Zon has stores in Seattle, Chicago, San Diego, Portland, and NYC.   Add the Whole Foods acquisition of 450 stores and you have many possibilities.   Amazon is no longer just an online giant, even if they are losing money hand over fist, right now.  Wall St. doesn’t seem to mind.

How will all this affect indie publishers is my question.  I haven’t been to an Amazon store to find out.  I would assume you’d have to have a physical book.  The Zon has a section for books rating 4.8 and above.  But, I’ve yet to figure out how online ebooks could tap into this market.   I do see a downside, especially if Amazon continues to lose money.   At what point would they decrease the size of the KU kitty?  Or, would there ever come a time when Amazon did away with paying authors for normalized page reads altogether.  It doesn’t necessarily keep me up at night, but it’s something to think about if you’re in this for the long game.

Source: A new Amazon bookstore opened in Manhattan today

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