Famed Author Adriana Gavazzoni on The Naked Talk w/ Alex Okoroji

Famed author and law professor #AdrianaGavazzoni

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Adrina Gavazzoni

Who: Famed author, Adriana Gavazzoni
Winner of the Golden Book Award, 2017Reader’s Choice Winner

Adriana is a law professor as well as being an accomplished author.   She won the Reader’s Choice Golden Book Award in 2017.  She also was an honorable mention at the Paris Book Festival.   Her books: Behind the Door and Lara’s Journal have been well received internationally.

What: Interview on The Naked Talk with Alex Okoroji

When: Monday, 28 AUG 2017

Time Zones:

5 pm (Eastern USA)
4 pm (Central USA)
3 pm (Mountain USA)
2 pm (Western USA)

6 pm (Brazil)
10 pm (London, UK)
7 am (Sydney, AU)
5 pm (Toronto, CA)
11 pm (Paris, FR)

Where: The Naked Talk
You can also call in: 323.642.1693


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