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You’ll see me working on this site more as my next nonfiction book gets closer to publication.  It will be the launch site for the book.  Right now, it’s just sitting here, being updated a few times a month.

Over the past year of doing research, I can tell you this book is needed. Indie writers are overwhelmed.  Because of this, there are more and more people willing to take your cash-selling you the latest and greatest ‘get rich quick’ scheme for indie publishing.

Don’t do it.  If it sounds too good to be true-it probably is.

Most of these guys are not making 6 figure incomes.  And, if they are, it’s not from writing and publishing books; it’s from taking your hard earned cash for a bullshit course.  Sigh.

Remember, you’re a publisher.  Yes, writing is important and it’s the product you sell, but if no one is reading it, what’s the point.  You might as well write a diary.

As I travel around message boards, Reditt and Facebook groups, I’ve noticed some weird sh*t.  Keep in mind that there are some very dysfunctional writers out there with tons of clueless advice.  Sadly, some have no idea what the f*ck they’re talking about. Which is why I stick to myself most of the time.  I’m too old for the drama.

Source: Nut E. Squirrel – Promoting Indie Authors One Nut at a Time

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