LitRPG coming to Dragon-Con in Atlanta GA | 01 Sept – 04 Sept 

Jeffery Falcon Logue, Travis Bagwell, Blaise, Ramon, Micheal Chatifield …just to name a few. 

Alright boys and girls, it’s time for one major announcement! For the first time, litrpg is coming to Dragon-Con in Atlanta Georgia! What is this you may wondering? Why, it is an official gathering of some of your favorite litrpg authors, like me! (I hope :p) From Sept 1-Sept 4, a litrpg booth will be up and run by authors. We’ll be selling some goodies that’ll range from pictures to book and sales. I have positive confirmations from the likes of Blaise, Travis Bagweel, Dakota, Ramon, Micheal Chatfield, and

Source: (1) LitRPG Society

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