A little of why I created this site

A few days ago, I was talking with a few LitRPG enthusiasts and we agreed it’s becoming harder to find the time to read all the LitRPG novels coming out. And, then an epiphany: why don’t we take a crack at writing some short stories.

Call it a bedtime snack for brainiacs—LitRPG style.  This isn’t to take away from all the great novels in the genre.  We’ll surely give plenty of space to promote authors and review books.

Things we hope to see contributed here:

  • Alternative endings;
  • Short stories;
  • New and mixed tropes;
  • Author interviews;
  • Book reviews;
  • Links and new discoveries in LitRPG;
  • And, lively discussions.

We aren’t here to reinvent sites that already have a niche.  We’re not looking to steal fans away from other groups either.  We’re just trying to add to an already deeply cool community of likeminded readers.